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Recent episodes (from newest to oldest):

04:38   22 Oct 2018  #9439.  Here comes mom..  by threemoon  (G)
14:29   19 Oct 2018  #9550.  More lustful things happened intstead  by funkenterprise2  (X)
16:02   15 Oct 2018  #9447.  More sneaky and devious experiments   (PG)
19:24   07 Oct 2018  #8769.  To Askr  by bone-zone  (G)
14:43   05 Oct 2018  #9467.  bad ending? An abundance of Katies  by funkenterprise2  (PG)
19:44   01 Oct 2018  #9526.  Walk to the test area  by Some random guy  (G)
18:38   29 Sep 2018  #9513.  2B + 2B + 2B  by Some random guy  (G)
02:30   27 Sep 2018  #9508.  The Return Home, Contents May Duplicate  by ruffus_java  (G)
21:30   26 Sep 2018  #9479.  The 14th Machine War {No Spoilers}  by The Commander  (G)
02:45   26 Sep 2018  #9493.  Going Out  by TheCloneOrgy  (G)
02:20   26 Sep 2018  #7304.  Peach and the crown (Cause hey, why not?)  by ThePurpleDemon  (G)
02:07   26 Sep 2018  #9489.  Pleasure Comes Before the Discovery  by TheCloneOrgy  (X)
21:26   25 Sep 2018  #9475.  The secret 40  by ruffus_java  (G)
02:12   25 Sep 2018  #9372.  Automata - Mass Production  by Some random guy  (G)
23:21   24 Sep 2018  #9468.  Stable at 42  by ruffus_java  (G)
17:12   23 Sep 2018  #9461.  A much larger chain reaction  by ruffus_java  (G)
16:48   23 Sep 2018  #9443.  A small chain reaction  by ruffus_java  (G)
08:55   23 Sep 2018  #9437.  A little trick from Jonathan  by TheMultiplier  (G)
08:36   23 Sep 2018  #9448.  Octuple Katies  by TheMultiplier  (G)
01:24   23 Sep 2018  #9435.  Katie's Sneaky Experimentation  by TheCloneOrgy  (G)
15:26   22 Sep 2018  #9428.  4x and loving it!  by ruffus_java  (G)
12:21   22 Sep 2018  #9424.  Double the Double  by ThePurpleDemon  (G)
09:26   22 Sep 2018  #9415.  Explaining the Switch  by TheCloneOrgy  (G)
00:05   21 Sep 2018  #9406.  Multitasking test: A video game, of course  by ruffus_java  (G)
02:36   20 Sep 2018  #9398.  The two-bodied co-ed  by ruffus_java  (G)
02:03   20 Sep 2018  #9390.  Cue the older sister  by ruffus_java  (G)
01:30   20 Sep 2018  #4164.  EroTech Worldwide Trial Edition - Localized changes only (Two Bodies, One Mind)  by ruffus_java  (G)
08:48   09 Sep 2018  #9376.  A New Use for Allure  by TheCloneOrgy  (G)
09:09   08 Sep 2018  #9371.  The Continent of Orsterra  by TheCloneOrgy  (G)
09:01   08 Sep 2018  #946.  Somewhere Else in the Square Enix Universe  by TheCloneOrgy  (G)