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Monster Mash!!!

Episode #1078
Makai was a dark world, filled with all kinds of Demons and monsters, the likes of which no human could hope to stand a chance against. Some were so powerful that they could destroy multiple opponents with but a wave of their hands. Such was the power of the Darkstalkers. Just moments ago, two beings with such power had clashed, leaving a scar upon the world that would not heal for some time. Now a third was making her way towards the one time battleground that was Castle Dohma.

"Well, it seems there was quite a battle here." The Succubus, Morrigan Aensland arrived at the scene, her feet lightly touching the ground as she surveyed the area. Morrigan had come to castle Dohma to learn more about the plans of its master, Jedah, the so called 'Vampire Savior', but it looked like someone beat her to it. Someone named Demitri Maximoff.

"I never imagined you would put up such a fight Demitri. What a shame that you'll never know the fruits of your labors!" She couldn't help but give a mocking salute in memory of the power hungry man (if you would call him a man). The two had seemingly destroyed each other, and now she was free to rule Makai without any real fear of rivals, though there were still more minor nobles to deal with.

It was time to see what she could find. She tried to concentrate, accessing the memories of a certain child succubus who had once been a part of her, but it wa not easy. "Bloody hell! Fine then!" Her body glowed, and seemed to separate, and now there was smaller girl standing next to her.

"Allright Lilith. I've let you out, so now you must show me everything that resides within Jedah's castle." If she was going to rule, she would need an edge. She might have had her full power, but that didn't mean she could rest on her laurels. Any advantage she could have would be helpful.

Lilith responded by sticking out her tounge. "I don't want to." Morrigan sighed.

"Don't be like that. We fought, I won, and now your a part of me. You are lucky that you still even exist as a sentient being." The younger succubus was still adamant so Morrigan got firm.

"Jedah was able to create an entire world, and pull powerfull souls to it. From what you tell me, he planned to join them all together into a single being to save Makai. I need to know more about this power, which means I need to see how he did it, since you apparently don't know, and I only know what you know. Now what if someone else gained that power. They might use it to destroy me, and by extention, you as well. After struggling for so long to truely exist, are you going to tell me you would chance something like that." Lilith shuddered.

"This way." She led Morrigan through the castle until she came to what seemed to be the main throne room. Here Lilith directed her to two objects. One was a strange crystal ball. The other was harder to describe. It seemed to simply be a mass of swirling dark energy.

"He was always watching everyone in his crystal ball. And whenever he did, this thing," she point at the strange dark glob, "always seemed to get even wierder."

"Excellent. Back you go for now." Lilith was not pleased with that development, but she did so. It was better than non existance. Moments later, she was back inside Morrigan, and the succubus was studying to too objects thoroughly.

"If I can determine how this works, I may have a way to keep any up and coming Maximoff wanna bes off my back. I may be a queen of Makai, but I still enjoy my 'me time' after all." She stared into the void of dark mass trying to learn its secrets when....

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Oct 10, 2008   16:34