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The Plant

Episode #11
The Plant was patient.

The Plant was old.  Yes, the plant was very, very old.

     Those first chance evolutionary steps that had taken place to bring it into existence had long since been lost to the ages.

The Plant was...  Conscious?  No.

     Perhaps "Un-conscious" was a better description.

The Plant was...  Sentient?  Perhaps.

The Plant was...  Self-aware?  Yes.

     And aware of all its progeny as well.

The Plant was...   A survivalist?  Most Definitely.

     It had survived for millions of years.  And that very survival instinct, conveyed through it's unconscious link, commanded its minions to continue launching its seeds out into the blackness of space.  And it was a conqueror.  Worlds had fallen to its ability to assimilate and reproduce, through its pods, different life forms.  Even so, it had been nearly a thousand years since one of its seeds had happened upon a suitable planet.  And though none knew it, not the plant, not its minions, and not the unsuspecting inhabitants of the sparkling blue World; that long drought was about to come to an end.

     As the seed entered the atmosphere, it began to glow red hot as it descended.  Its husk was thick though, thick enough to withstand the incineration of it's outer layers during planetfall.  Deep within the seed, far from the fiery exterior, the temperature began rise from the absolute zero it had been during its long journey through space.  The temperature rose, but only to a point that facilitated the activity enzymes crucial to jump-starting the growth of the embryo within.

     To the few who noticed, it was just another shooting star to be wished upon.  Someone wished for true love; another for a fruitful hunt; and still another for a financial windfall.  The seed, of course, didn't have the power to grant these wishes.  Oddly enough, however, world domination was in the seed's power to bestow, though not in a form that anyone would rationally wish for.

     It took only a few hours for the seedling to grow.  Not too large; not right away, at any rate.  It's three foot stalk and shallow network of roots were big enough to be noticed, but still conveniently transportable.  As the large, brightly colored flowers opened at the tips of the upper shoots, it was only a matter of time before it was discovered.

And the Plant was patient.

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Rated: PG     Author: Double Vision
Aug 01, 2008   08:05