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Stupid Sexy Samus

Episode #1545
Two women stood regarding each other with a strange mixture of confusion, frustration, and embarrassment. They were both Samus Aran, the greatest bounty hunter the universe had ever known.

After their long struggle to escape from her own powersuit, the two women had regained consciousness and almost exploded into a brawl upon seeing each other. Thankfully, they held their tempers and after cleaning themselves up, were now once again fully clothed and ready to properly handle the situation.

Every time they locked eyes, they blushed. The memory of their naked bodies pressing against each other, their crotches and breasts grinding and slapping together, their lips locked in a tight kiss, made it hard not to. Samus had never cared much about her appearance, but seeing herself like this, a living breathing mirror image made her understand why so many admired her beauty.

'God, she's hot! Wait, what am I thinking?! I can't have thoughts like that! Just because she's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, and she me and she's so damn gorgeous.....  DAMNIT! Why am I so damn good looking?! Stupid clone! Stupid sexy godamn clone!'

"Hello ladies." The familiar voice of her ship's AI, Adam brought both women out of their circular thinking. "I have completely my analysis on both of you. Would like to hear the results?"


"I see. very well." A holographic display of Samus came up. "From my observations. I afraid that it is immpossible to determine who is the original Samus." Both women frowned deeply. That was not what they had wanted to hear. "Not only are you identical right down to the last speck of DNA, but you also possess the same memories as well. There trace amounts of the X parasite in your bodies, among other things. You been exposed to more foreign substances that most people could imagine, but for all intents and purposes, you are both Samus Aran."

"Thank you Adam. That will be all for now." They glared at each other, as they said this. They would have to figure things out on their own. The two women stalked towards each other, closing the gap between them until they were face to face. It was seconds later, that to their embarrassment they realized they were breast to breast as well, the found mounds pressing equally against each other.  They both twitched, but refused to back away.

"Enjoying yourself are we?" both of them inquired. "We both know I'm the real Samus, so why don't you just stop this charade." One of them continued." My thoughts exactly, but if you so determined to drag this out, then we will need to settle this."

"Are you challenging me fake?" "Your damned right I am fraud?" Despite what Adam had said, both still saw the other as an imposter. She had dealt with such things already, and would not tolerate it again.

They were nose to nose, pressing their chests even harder together, doing their best to ignore the erotic sensations from this contact. This would need to be settled decisively

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Rated: PG - Language     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Mar 03, 2009   21:31