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There can only be one

Episode #1646
Both Powergirls looked upon the other; half naked, hair disheveled, breathing hard to catch their breath, ample chests heaving. "Well, I admit it, your definately my clone." One piped up. "I was thinking the same thing actually." The other retorted. Both knew that the other believed herself to be the real one: she certainly acted like it. Hot headed as she was, Karen was not going to let such a challenge go lying down, but did she really want to start mixing it up with herself again? That first round had been brutal.

"It's your move bitch!" They bristled at the insult each waiting for the sign that would continue the battle, or end it.

Letting out earth shaking battle cries the two near naked kryptonians flew at each other to engage in their second round of fighting, which turned out even more brutal then their first..hell darkseid would of cringed if he had seen the fight.

Finally the highspeed exchange of earth shattering blows came to an end with the now quite beaten up black and blue kryptonian powerhouses locked in an even tighter bear hug then they had shared when returning to earth, squeezing with all their might the powergirls groaned loudly before not being able to keep it in anymore instead wailing in agony their

Just when they felt their backs were about to break and their tits where about to burst from the pressure of their mutual deadly bear hug the Kara’s felt an odd sensation spreading through their body, eyes widened in realisation of what they were feeling and their eyes locked onto the source which was a quite large chunk of red crystal trapped between their pair of warring breasts. Mentally cursing the karas wondered ‘how the hell did such a large piece of red krytonite get their without me noticing!’ pushing that aside as it didn’t matter how only that it was their which left them with another issue ‘I’ll only be able to fight off it’s effects for a few more seconds and I doubt I’ll win this fight by them, damn whoever made this fucking perfect clone!’ They then look gazes thinking ‘I cant even loosen my hold either cause she would no doubt take advantage of that, it’s what I would do...’

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Jan 12, 2019   03:05