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Back-up arrives

Episode #166
"Please relax miss, there's nothing to be frightened about. We're just going to give you the time of your life. Or rather, you will." The back guard chuckled with an evil tone.

"Is that so?" Chun Li said; her voice was barely perceptible. She was ready to put both of these clowns down, but she was waiting for something...or rather someone.

"Don't resist." The Front guard said. "This is happening whether you like it or not." The Back guard finished the sentence.

Both were so focused on Chun Li that neither saw it: another figure watching them from a scaffolding a few feet above.

'There they are!' The figure thought. 'Just where they said they'd be. And she's there too. It's time to make my move!' With a shrill cry, the unknown figure jumped down from the scaffolding, landing in front of the back guard (behind Chun Li, who had her back turn to both). Chun Li immediately realized someone else had arrived and instinctively understood who it was. She launched an attack at the front guard, while her seeming back up did the same for the back one.

"What?" Both guards could only give the same exclamation of surprise before being utterly flattened by a powerful kick from Chun Li and the new player. They were instantly felled.

Chun Li moved to place handcuffs on her foe, but much to her surprise, the figure disappeared; they just flickered for a moment, then faded away as though a ghost. She stared in shock for a moment.

"What is this?"
"What just happened?"

The voice of her unknown saviour behind her sounded similarly surprised, and she immediately theorized that the same must have happened to the back guard as well. Another thing she realized is that her rescuer was female; the voice made it incredibly clear. She realized all of these things at the exact same moment she back upped into the other woman and their butts came into contact, making them both gasp.

"Eeep!" Rather than turning around, they held that position. After the surprise of the disappearing guards, both women needed a moment to calm down.

'Those two guards may have escaped,' both thought, 'but she's still here, and that's far more important!'

Even though Chun Li couldn't see her face, she knew who was behind her: the other woman wore a qipao identical in design to Chun Li, only red instead of blue. She had her hair done up in the typical Ox horns style. The most important thing was that she had the same face as Chun Li.

The two identical woman stood back to back, neither saying a word...but that didn't last.

"I knew you'd come..."
"I finally found you..."

They turned around, and as they did so, their chests came into contact, melding together and flattening each other, and their faces were inches apart, letting them feel the other's breath on her lips. Not expecting this, both grew red in the face, but still didn't back down an inch.

"...Chun Li."

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Mar 18, 2017   16:36