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Alice save us from the Queen

Episode #1691
"...w...e...! ...wa....p!"

Alice felt something. Someone was shaking her.

"...Wake....Alice! Wake up Alice!"

"Gnnngh!What!?" Alice suddenly snapped awake, flailing about and accidentally hitting the one trying to rouse her right in the face. She barely caught the visage of a familiar White Rabbit flying across the room and landing flat on his face.

"Oh Dear!" She quickly jumped to her feet and ran over to the fallen creature. "Please forgive me, but you gave me quite a fright!"

"...uuuhn..." The poor Rabbit groaned, taking a moment to regain his bearings. "There's no...there's no time! We're late!"

"It's always about being late or early with you." She groused.

The Rabbit grabbed her hand and started dragging her towards the mirror. "We're late! We must hurry!" He said. "The Queen..."

"The Queen has what?" Alice asked, though she could make a very educated guess based on past incidents.

"The Queen..." he paused for a moment, as though he felt a need to add some extra dramatic flair. "...has gone mad!"

"So it's the same as usual." Alice snarked. "I suppose you want me to stop her?"

"Yes! We need your help Alice!" They reached the mirror and he pushed her through.

"Very well, I'll..." She never finished her sentence, as she was through the mirror and falling into Wonderland before she had a chance to ask anything else.

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2of her
Aug 11, 2018   00:10