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The battle ends (for now)

Episode #1696
Thunderous noise echoed through the sky and down into the streets of another city as the two Power Girls continued their battle. Fist and foot rebounded off chests, stomachs, and skulls. Both women dug deep into their Kryptonian reserves, each determined to defeat the other, and both took the other’s punches with grim resolve.

Finally, one Karen landed an uppercut that sent her rival rocketing through a wall and into a car, tearing the vehicle in half with the force of her impact. Before the fallen Power Girl could recover, her attacker expelled the full force of her cold breath. Frost crept over the other Kryptonian’s body, encasing Power Girl in a blanket of ice.

Thinking quickly, the fallen Power Girl loosed her heat vision. Scarlet beams of power intercepted the freezing gale and tore through it; the hovering Power Girl shrieked in pain as the beams burned a line across her shoulder.

The Power Girl encased in ice flexed her muscles fiercely, attempting to escape. Ice cracked under the strain; Power Girl groaned with effort as more cracks appeared in her makeshift tomb. Finally, with an explosion of strength, she managed to shatter the tomb completely, shards of ice flying every which way as pedestrians ran for cover.

Power Girl scrambled to her feet, but her opponent had recovered from the heat vision strike and was upon her, knocking her back to the ground with a double fisted dive. The two buxom superheroines rolled around on the street, exchanging blows that cracked the pavement under their force. Finally, costume ripped and hanging from her curvaceous figure, one Power Girl managed to mount her opponent, who was powerless to stop the fists that rained down on her face.

“And...stay...down!” the mounting Kryptonian shouted, following each enunciation with a punch. Her weakened double could only grunt in response, each blow eliciting a moan of pain.

When no resistance was offered, the mounted Power Girl stood up, aches and pains flaring as her body reminded her of the tough battle she had just endured. Surveying her beaten doppelganger, Power Girl could only shake her head. What was she supposed to do now?

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Rated: PG     Author: i
Apr 07, 2017   03:23