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Seach for the lost city

Episode #17
"We'll have to be extremely careful in these parts, luvs" Sarita, the dark skinned Brazilian beauty whispered sternly as she turned towards the small group of scientists that she was guiding.  "The Baruti and the Mangoli tribes have been warring with each other in this area for generations now, and it wouldn't do be caught in the middle of the conflict."

"Are either of those two tribes friendly towards travelers, Sari?" Angee asked worriedly.  Although her garb was loose and left little to the imagination, her shoulder length strawberry-blond hair was matted and soaked through with sweat as the group traveled through the sweltering Amazonian Jungle.  "Inter-tribal conflict is pretty messy business, it's hardly the place for a tiny first year archeology major like yourself, Angee."  Commented Neal, the team's second in command.

"You've only been on two other expeditions so far yourself Neal" Caroline, the 28 year old expedition leader added in, pausing to tie her raven black hair up into a long pony tail that trailed down to the small of her back.  "The jungle holds many dangers - it would be inadvisable to take any it lightly.  Or have you already forgotten that eel incident?".  The 25 year old Neal grunted at this barb, "Damn it, that scar is gonna remind me of it for the rest of my life. Even without you having to mention it all the time!"

*How did I ever get talked into this crazy adventure?* Angee thought to herself.  Sure, they needed someone to pull around Howy, the pack mule, but the 20 year old women still felt that discovering the lost city of C'thappahla a distant pipe dream for a student like herself.

"Travelers are generally left alone," the tawny Sarita replied to Angee's question, brushing aside her her chocolate brown tresses.  "Though there are some unusual characteristics about these two tribes in that they-"  Sarita was cut short by the a series of cries and exclamations that came from beyond the traveling company.  Sarita immediately motioned for everyone to stop as she slipped down and crawled forwards to find out what was going on - the others that she was leading followed suit.

Arrayed on two different sides of roughly two to three dozen natives each, all arranged with spear and clubs looking just about to engage each other in a pitched battle.  Two things immediately struck the small group as they watched the escalating preceding.  The first that each side was represented by no one but women, their generous bare bosoms making the distinction very evident.  Even more amazing to the small group was that upon closer inspection - it appeared that the women on both sides appeared to identical and indistinguishable from each other.  Other than the fact that their method of dress differed between the two different groups (One group wore loincloths and beads that were predominately blue while the other tribal women wore similar lioncloths and jewelry that reflected red)  that they all appeared to be the same women in both looks and form.

The small group looked to the dark skinned Amazonian forces before them, unsure what was about to happen.

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Rated: G     Author: Blueversusred
Aug 01, 2008   14:47