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Was it 78% of all weird stuff comes from this place?

Episode #18
A young Japanese woman awoke in her comfortable futon, she looked around her living quarters while rubbing her sleepy eyes and saw that nothing was amiss.  It still seemed slightly early and the chill of the morning air wafted through the nearby window.  It was still pretty early and it did not seem that anything was amiss - the young woman decided to roll back up in her covers and fall asleep.  Unbeknownst to her - SOMETHING was amiss!

However, all that will come in time - The camera pulls back from the sleeping woman's quarters and begins to pan in an establishing shot to determine the setting which context of feudal Japan that the young woman is located in.  The audience can see that she...

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Rated: G     Author: Blueversusred <bluevsred @ blueversusred · net>
Jan 02, 2009   17:21