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Winner of the Best Chest award

Episode #2210
Matsumoto Rangiku walked in a tipsy manner as she exited the small bar after drinking some of her fellow division members under the table once again.  Although she loved to drink she hated to have to do it alone (and the fact that those accompanying her would invariably left with the bill after made it that much more enjoyable).  The busty red head had about half her fill for the evening, often citing the large quantity of alcohol she consumed necessary 'nutrients' for her already prodigious bosom.

Trying to think of who she might convince to go another round with her the lieutenant of the Tenth division almost tripped over a smiling Yachiru.  The small pink-haired girl smiled angelically at the older woman, her little hands clasping a small glass container of clear liquid.

"And what's that you have there, Yachiru-chan?" asked Matsumoto, bending over slightly - her barely contained breasts threatening to escape their loose confines.

"Mmm," Yachiru hummed to herself, acting perfectly innocent, "Some drunk guy fell asleep at a table and left this, it smells gross!"  Matsumoto's nose picked up the familiar scent of class-A sake almost immediately.  "Well that's definitely not a drink that's meant for you," the inebriated woman smiled wryly as in a smooth motion she plucked the liquid from Yachiru's hands and gulped it down in a smooth motion.  Unnoticed by here, an evil mischievous grin shown on the little girl's face as she continued to drink.

"Ahh!  That was g- Hey!  Yachiru-chan?  where did you go?"  Matsumoto only took her eyes off the child for a moment and she was already gone.  In truth, as soon as the older woman was polishing off the container, the young girl had already escaped to find a good vantage point to see what kind of fun might result.

Matsumoto Rangiku decided that the young Yachiru might have just left to play elsewhere.  About to move on, the tenth division lieutenant suddenly gave pause, her body was feeling quite strange, but definitely in a pleasant way.  The feeling soon passed and Matsumoto continued ahead, shaking her head to clear it.  At that point the busty redhead collided with another person.  'Bounced off' would probably be a more apt term as the only parts of either participant's bodies that made contact with each other were two sets of equally amazing breasts. 

Both still quite drunk, Matsumoto Rangiku and Matsumoto Rangiku just continued to look at each other, their alcohol clouded minds slowly registering the unusual sight before her.

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Rated: G     Author: Blueversusred <bluevsred @ blueversusred · net>
Jun 24, 2009   00:26