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This is the fight that never ends! It just goes on and on my friends! AKA worst title ever!

Episode #234
The Zelda's vision started to become hazy as they continued to try and choke the life out of each other. Both women held on as long as they could, knowing that unless she somehow incapacitated her foe, their battle would begin anew. Also, as long as they were deadlocked like this, even if one let go, she would be at the mercy of her opponent. However, it soon became clear that they would have to stop.

They let go of each other at the same moment, and scrambled away from each other to recover. Both women were grateful for their synchronized thought patterns for once, until a thought hit them.

'Damn! If I had just held on, I might have won! Now the whole thing will just start all over again!' Having recovered from the last round, the princesses prepared to engage each other again. They spoke not a word to as they circled each other, crouched in a feral position, teeth bared, and claws out. They were sore all over, exhausted, and sweating profusely, yet their eyes burned with a fury and determination that even they had not realized they possessed.

If either one had been thinking rationally, if they were acting in a manner fitting of the bearer of the Triforce of wisdom, they would have realized that continued conflict between them was utterly pointless; that more fighting would just end with them battling each other to exhaustion at best, and killing each other at worse. They would have tried to find a less violent solution to their problem.

Yes rational thinking would have helped, except the it seemed as thought being in the presence of this other woman who claimed to be her stripped them of all rational thought.

"You bitch! I swear I'll kill you!" Dual proclamations of violence echoed through the night as the twin Zelda's engaged in another round of princess on princess violence, but this time it was a little different.

As their sweat soaked bodies slammed together, their bare breast made contact for the first time. Even as they rained punches and slaps on faces on bodies, they were acutely aware of the feeling of another woman's naked flesh pressing against her own. When they wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed in a mutual bear hug, this feeling only became more pronounced.

It didn't help that they their bodies were identical either. Feeling an identical nude body crushing itself against her was top on the list of new experiences for them. Their eyes fell to their chests, the globes flattening equally against each other, and they were surprised to noticed how big they were.

As Sheik, Zelda had used a combination of simple bindings, and magic to conceal her feminine figure, allowing her to perfectly impersonate a man (sans her voice, which had apparently not been good enough to fool the other girl). Tetra, as she grew older, came across bindings of her own, which she used to keep her increased bust from inhibiting her in combat, but their transformations into their true forms had let loose their ample bosoms, which were now free to fight their own battle. A battle just as equal as every other clash they had engaged in.

Each Zelda felt a blush creep it's way onto her face as she realized what was happening. 'By the gods, I'm actually getting aroused by this!' Then they looked up at each other again, and saw the other blushing. 'Wait! so is she! That slut!' In another moment of pure rage, both Zelda's simultaneously brought up a knee into the other's crotch. Their eyes widened as they realized what had happen, both women feeling the pain from the attack of the other. Insults they had been ready to unleash died in their throats, both girls only able to give a weak croak, while tears appeared in the corners of their eyes.

Oddly enough, rather than loosening their grips, on each other, this only made them tighten their bear hugs, and the princesses crushed their naked and sweaty bodies together with more strenght then it seemed possible for them to have, but only for a moment, and eventually their grips loosened.

They slumped to their knees, bodies still pressed together, and tears in their eyes. After what seemed like an eternity of silence, they both found their voice.

" You... you whore, you stupid bitch! I won't rest until I've utterly defeated you!"

Bold words, but the question was how?

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Rated: R - Nudity - Language - Violence     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Aug 01, 2008   09:05