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It was just a dream.... or WAS it?

Episode #246
Zelda's eyes snapped open, then seemed to become heavy again. She lay on her back wondering what had just happened. It took her only moments to realize that the past few minutes (hours maybe) had been her imagination. She had apparently dreamed the whole thing.

'Was all of that really a dream?' She thought to herself. It had felt real, very real. She remembered every moment with crystal clarity. It had been so vivid, that she could remember the feeling of her double's slaps striking her face, her hands tearing out her hair; with a blush she also remember the feeling of their bare breasts as they were crushed between her bodies, and especially, the final moments of their battle were burned into her memory.

What was strange was that she experienced these feelings on both ends. She recalled the fight from the point of view of both dream Zelda's, increasing the awkward feelings she was having. If it wasn't for the fact that both women had acted so insane, so out of character for what she thought she was capable of, she would have thought it had been real. But it couldn't have been, right? Unless it was some kind of prophecy or warning. It wouldn't be the first time she had received a message through her dreams, but what could this one have meant? Maybe it was be to think o  it later.

Despite the abruptness of her awakening, she was still tired, as though her nightmarish wet dream had drained strenght from her. She needed to return to sleep and ponder these thing in the morning when her mind was fresh and rejuvenated. But she found it difficult to fall back asleep despite her exhaustion. Something felt wrong.

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Aug 01, 2008   09:07