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Hey Rub-a-Dub, Twin Maids in a Tub

Episode #261
“AAAAHHHHH!!” Both Sakura’s heave sighs of frustration as they sit, sexes touching, and noses a tiny distance apart.
Her day had been very bad and all she wanted was to luxuriate in the bubble bath and let the tensions of the day drain away.
She was irritated at having her bubble bath interrupted and doubly irritated that she had to resist the intense stab of desire she was feeling.

Damn she looks HOT!  Both Sakura’s notice, as they covertly look at the others breasts heaving from the sigh.
This position is REALLY distracting! Both Sakura’s are very aware of the way their sexes are heating from the contact with the others sex. 
Well let’s see what sort of copy she is! Both Sakura’s think, neither backing away, determined to be superior to her copy.

“What are you? And why do you look like me?” One Sakura asks the other, irritated, but trying to sound friendly.
“You look like me! Who are you? And why are you here?” Sakura asks back, trying to sound friendly and hide her irritation.
“Why am I here? This is MY bath! Why are you here?” Sakura asks obviously irritated.
“Stop pretending you are me you idiot! This is MY bath!” Sakura replies also obviously irritated.
“Listen you idiot! I am ME! And this is MY bath!” Sakura is getting frustrated; she unthinkingly pushes her hips into her duplicates.
“You do not want to piss me off! This is MY bath!” Frustrated and sliding backward Sakura plants her hands on the bath and pushes back.
 “This is MY bath and YOU are getting OUT!” Pissed off and sliding backward Sakura plants her hands and feet, and pushes back.
 “You will be the one LEAVING, you CHEAP copy!!” Equally pissed off plants Sakura feet too, and meets her doubles push.

The stronger pushes force their hips to lift up out of the bath covered in bubbles, and the pushes also force their sexes to grind together.
 “IDIOT!”; “CHEAP COPY!”; “STOP THAT!”; “GET OUT!!” They pant at each other as they strain pushing and making no progress.
The pushing battle is sending waves of pleasure from their labia coursing up and down their bodies; but they try to ignore these sensations.

“UUUUUUHHHH!!!” Both Sakura’s finally moaned involuntarily, unable to ignore the pleasure they are experiencing any longer.
That is EMBASSING! But at least she is having the same reaction! They both think as they blush.

Need to try something new! Both Sakura’s think at the same time, and their hands whip up, wrapping around the others knees, lifting.
“HHHHHUUHHHH!!” They both exclaim, as they sit up straining their abs, holding the others legs over their shoulders, sexes pressed together.
“OHHHH!!” The both barely have time for a shocked gasp as both girls use their legs to slam the others head and shoulders underwater.

Sakura is very athletic, being a member of her school's cheerleading squad and excellent at track-and-field activities.
Both Sakura’s use all of her famous energy, and her athletic abilities, as they thrash against one another, in the slippery bubble bath.
They try to use their legs to hold the other under, while twisting, wriggling and using their arms to free their torsos.
But lying on their backs in the slippery bath, they cannot get any traction, and they continually slide back into the same sex on sex position.
Every time a Sakura manages to sit up, her double: hooks her leg over her; or pulls on her legs: pulling the other back into the bubbles.
The result is: heads, arms, legs and breasts poke out of the bubbles again and again, before sliding back into the bubbles.
Again and again they dunk each other and thrash about making the soapy bubble bath look like the inside of a washing machine!
Their sexes slip and slide erotically against each others, parting and contacting, lubricated by the soapy water, driving both girls crazy!
Both Sakura’s are wondering what will happen first: victory, orgasm or passing out from lack of air.

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Rated: R     Author: Vipeout
Jan 20, 2011   03:24