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Restoring hit points.

Episode #2623
Marle and Marle lay flat on their backs and in each others laps, Marle's left leg draped over Marle's right leg, while Marle's right leg was draped over Marle's left leg. Their groins lightly rubbed together.

They both barely moved, their earlier collision, while not totally knocking them out, had come close enough that they were more or less unconscious anyway. Only a few pain filled groans peeling from their lips made it clear that some level of consciousness remained, but it was a very slight level.

'...w-wha...what hit me...?' She could barely think, as the pain in her head was all consuming. It felt like she'd head butted a brick wall, or something harder.

"...A...A-aura..." she croaked out the words, and a halo of blue light appeared around her, before purple sparkles surrounded both of them. The energy flowed through their bodies, healing their injuries and helping them recover from the mutual head butt, but it had another affect. When two compatible techs are used at the same time, it has the affect of combining them into a dual tech. In the case of the two Marles, as they'd cast the exact same spell, it greatly enhanced the power of their respective Auras to levels neither could have expected.

Still joined at the crotch, both Marles began to unconsciously sit up as the power of their combined Auras filled them with more energy than either of them could ever need, and they were unknowingly about to give each other even more.

The collision had happened so fast that neither girl even realized what hit her; they hadn't even noticed their bodies were entangled. When the sudden surge of healing power from their auras raised them, they sat up right in the other's face, and...


....right into an unexpected kiss. Neither girl had any time to ponder this. The combination of the healing of their Auras, combined with the direct contact through a kiss put them in an instantly relaxing state.

"Mmmmh..." Both Marles made zero attempt to resist, instead practically melting into the kiss they'd unintentionally given the other. It felt like heaven. They reached out and wrapped arms around the other, pulling bodies close and keeping them there while still using their auras to heal themselves and each other. The more they healed, the more they kept up the kiss, and the better they both felt.

Sitting in each others laps, mouths sealed together, Marle and Marle found themselves in no rush to change their situation.

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Rated: PG     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Nov 11, 2017   21:59