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Your reflection in the eyes of a serpent.

Episode #2843
The two Reiko's stood before each other, hands clasped in firm handshake.

"So.... what happen's now?" Which one said it didn't really matter.

Reiko realized she had no idea what would happen now. Standing before this clone of her, she could not help but continue to peruse the other woman's body, identical yet different at the same time. The Reiko that she could have been.

Rowdy Reiko came to a similar realization. Finding the original had been easier than she expected, but she now had no clue what her next step should be. All she do watch analyse this person who stood before her, everything she was, and yet everything she wasn't. The Reiko that she should have been.

So what next. What could these two women do now that they had met. They stared each other up and down, seemingly hypnotised by the other. What was Reiko like without her morals? Who would Rowdy Reiko be if she played by the rules? Their eyes met, and locked on each other. They could both see her own reflection in the other's eyes. It was intoxicating.

Reiko's was blushing more furiously. Rowdy Reiko felt those stomach butterflies get more intense. So many questions. How to answer them. Both women tightened their grip on the other's hand, squeezing tighter and tighter. They didn't move, oblivious to all else but the other.

"I suppose," one of them spoke, but it seemed like a dream, neither was sure which of them was talking, " we'll just have to get to know each other."

"I suppose so." The answer came, but still neither was sure if it was her speaking, or her twin.

It had been decided quickly, although they had not spoken a word to each other, they already knew what was meant. The hotel had a ring for training, and Reiko had had no problem paying to rent it for a few hours. They would have all the privacy they needed.

Reiko's head was swimming. She felt hot, and she realized that this excited her like nothing that had come before. She wanted fight Her clone and see who would triumph.

Rowdy Reiko was breathing heavily. They hadn't even started yet, but just the idea of battling the original Reiko was enough to get her wound up. Who was stronger.

Both girls were turned on by the idea of locking up with each other, bodies rubbing and tangling together. Her own body wrestling with her own body. Neither Reiko had ever known anything like this. They couldn't stop examining each other's bodies.

Reiko began walking fowards. Rowdy Reiko moved forward to meet her. They met in the center of the ring, nose to nose, lips brushing against each other. Breast squished together. They could feel the other's stomach rubbing together. Their both breathed in and out heavily.

"Ready?" Both asked, and smiled at the synchronised question. This would be a match like none she'd ever had before.

Without another word, they snaked they arms around each other, and wrapped them over the other's head in a collar and elbow tie up. The original face, and her heel clone tested their strength against the other, finding neither lacking. Their was no give in either or them, but their was no gain in their contest of strength. Bodies locked in a stalemate, but muscles rippling and straining under the surface.

"I thought you were tougher.This isn't all you have is it?" Reiko asked. She figured her somewhat evil twin would be more more willing to use underhanded tactic. But she was ready for anything.

"Oh, I've barely started. Hope your ready?" Rowdy Reiko replied. She knew the original would be strong, but she had tricks up her sleeve the original good twin would be surprised by.

Their chest continues to bulge against each other, and both Reiko's felt the other's bare leg rub against their own as they tried to push forward, meeting the stone wall that was her identical opponent. This would be a learning experience.


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Rated: PG     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Aug 16, 2010   00:32