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How Do You Stop A Duplicating Man?

Episode #3023
Somewhere, sometime, Dr. Mohinder Suresh was babbling about destiny or souls or something, and the audience aggressively ignored him.

A "Previously On" sequence played, showing scenes happening differently from how they actually happened in the previous episodes.

Somewhere, in a seemingly ordinary diner, a seemingly ordinary man sat at a booth, doing something ordinary on his laptop. Little did he realize how extraordinary he truly was. He was about to find out....

A waitress approached the man, carrying a tray of food, and greeted him warmly.

"Here's your order, Mr. Zambrano," she said with a smile.

Henry looked up from his laptop and politely thanked the waitress as she handed him his meal. He noted that the waitress was a rather stunning young lady. As it often did, Henry's long-held fetish for twins and clones flickered through his mind. As the waitress walked away, Henry began to imagine... what if there were two of her?

He pictured it vividly in his mind, the image of the waitress suddenly having an identical twin, or a duplicate. How might they react to each other, how they'd interact. He did this many times, of course, pretty much whenever he saw a pretty woman.

But this time... something happened.

As the waitress approached another customer, she suddenly began to shimmer with a strange light. Electricity crackled around her as her image began wavering slightly, seeming to widen for a moment, until finally she split into two forms. The light faded, and two identical waitresses stood side-by-side! Every hair, every skin cell was perfectly replicated! Even her clothes and the tray she'd been carrying had been duplicated!

The two women quickly caught sight of each other and jumped back in shock. "WHAT THE-?!" they shouted in perfect unison. "WHO ARE- HOW- WHAT'S-" Their minds were far too overwhelmed with shock and confusion to form a coherent sentence.

Henry's jaw dropped. Holy shi- She just-, he thought to himself. She... she actually... how can... it's... it's just like I was imagining it. Wait... I was just imagining her duplicated, and then she... Did... Did I... do that? Is it possible? Can I actually...???

Everyone else in the diner stared at the twinned ladies in confusion, muttering and chattering, wondering how this had happened. One man, however, realizing what it meant, began glancing around at people in the diner, looking for that specific expression he'd seen many times before -- that telltale look of an evolved human, a "special" as they were often called, who had just manifested his or her new ability for the first time. His eyes found it on one Henry Zambrano... eyes that were framed in a pair of horn-rimmed glasses.

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Rated: G     Author: deux_bag
Jun 27, 2010   09:10