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Dueling fists of Iron

Episode #315
He'd done it: Jin Kazama had defeated the creature known only as Azazel, but the price had been great. The world had been plunged into utter chaos, with the clash between Jin and his father, Kazuya Mishima at the centre. Only then would Azazel be granted a physical form wherein he could be destroyed.

Jin struck down the demon, ending his threat once and for all, under the mistaken belief that it would finally end his own curse; that of the Devil Gene.

He was wrong. He was very wrong. Waves of unidentifiable energy cascaded out when Jin plunged his fist into Azazel's black heart, affecting people all across the world...specifically those who were powerful fighters. Even those thought to have long since passed away felt the touch of the demon's power, it only lasted for a moment, and affected only the female half of the population, fizzling out before any males could be fully affected.

Still, the consequences of Jin's actions would be felt by some of the most powerful women on the planet.

Who's first?

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Sep 19, 2017   18:45