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Wrestling herself

Episode #3165
For a long moment, the wrestlers strained against each other, hands clamped around elbows and necks. Both pushed and neither yielded; each saw the resolve in her opponent's eyes and knew this match would not be easy. Neither wanted it to be.

In a flash, everything changed; both Reikos pushed up on the other's arm within their grasp, breaking the tie-up, and kicked out simultaneously. Both kicks found their mark and both Roses reeled.

"Good start," Reiko panted.

"You too," Rowdy Reiko returned, also panting. "But if that's all you got, I'm really disappointed."

"I'm just getting warmed-up," the original retorted, and threw herself into a diving tackle that brought her double down to the mat with her.

The ground was familiar territory for Reiko; she'd spent years learning grapples and submissions in preparation for the time she would follow in her mother’s footsteps. She was as confident as she would have been in a stand-up fight, but as the fight continued she realized her opponent was just as versed as she was. They exchanged the top position between them several times as they rolled around; Reiko managed to grab her dark double in a choke hold, but found herself bucked off and locked in an identical hold. She twisted out of it and kicked her double in the stomach; locking an arm around her double’s neck, she executed a DDT that brought her opponent’s head crashing down on the mat. ‘Rowdy’ yelped in pain, and Reiko released her, rolling to the side.

“Are you all right?” Reiko inquired, shooting her double a concerned look.

‘Rowdy’ cricked her neck with a grunt, then smirked at her.

“Yeah, I’m fine...holding back a little, aren’t you?”

“We’re not trying to kill each other,” Reiko said defensively; a DDT could cause serious damage if one was clumsy - or malicious - enough, and she prided herself on being neither.

“Seems fair,” ‘Rowdy’ noted, cracking her knuckles. “Good move, but you’ll have to do better than that!”

On the last word she leapt high, arm coming around as she hurtled towards Reiko, who didn’t react in time to avoid the superman punch that landed squarely against her jaw. She staggered back, and felt her double loop an arm around her neck. She tensed, expecting a DDT, but instead felt herself hoisted high into the air before slamming back-first into the mat. The grip on her side released and she felt her opponent roll away.

“Didn’t expect that, did you?” ‘Rowdy’ grinned when Reiko returned to her feet.

“No,” Reiko admitted, massaging the back of her neck. Her back stung, but not as much as she’d expect to from a fisherman suplex. She narrowed her eyes at her double.

“Now who’s holding back?”

‘Rowdy’ blew a stray strand of hair away from her face. “Like you said, we’re not trying to kill each other. Besides, it’d be a shame to mess up that pretty face of yours.”

A smile tugged at the corner of Reiko’s mouth and she stopped fighting it.  “Right back at you.”

They came together in the middle of the ring one more, both now grinning furiously, and the battle continued.

Reiko let out an oof as she was flipped onto her back; she caught the foot aimed at her stomach and twisted, kicking ‘Rowdy’s’ other foot out from under her so that she fell down beside her. Both women rolled away to catch their breath; after three hours of grappling they were sweaty, exhausted, and yet more excited then they’d ever been.

Both Reikos had put each other through their paces, using every move they could think of and then some. Their outfits borer the scars from those moves; Reiko’s top had loosened from rubbing against sweat-slicked skin, revealing some of her modest cleavage, while the top button on ‘Rowdy’s’ shorts had popped from one-too-many facebusters, allowing a tantalizing glimpse of black cloth. Each woman noticed the other’s wardrobe malfunction at the same time, and each stared just a beat too long before noticing the other’s gaze.

“Like what you see?” ‘Rowdy’ taunted, wiggling her hips.

“Like you don’t,” Reiko retorted, thrusting out her chest.

She had never acted like this before, but something about the give and take, the feel of skin on skin, made her more daring and lusty than she would be otherwise. She could tell, by the smoldering glint in the eyes of her double, that this was appreciated. The room crackled with tension, a subtler and smokier one than that of the previous fight as both women waited for the other to make their move.

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Oct 29, 2017   07:19