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She Makes Her Duplicate Beg!

Episode #3469
“So you created a great spell and conjured up a duplicate of you in the mirror.” Blue Bernice says revealing in the power she has over her duplicate.
And she starts gently tweaking, squeezing, and twisting, her duplicates nipples. 
“Mmmmmmpphh” Gagged Bernice moans, trying to ignore the sensations.

“Not an exact duplicate, you left out pieces of yourself…some of your memories, and ALL of your shyness and inhibitions!” Blue Bernice exalts.
Her fingers work expertly as she carefully inflicts the maximum amount of erotic torment on her duplicates’ sensitive nipples.
“AAHHHHHHHHH!!!” Gagged Bernice moans her breathing speeding up.

Blue Bernice pauses for a second.
“You added bits of other people making me more confidant and sexier.” Blue Bernice continues breathing over her duplicates nipples.
“UUHHHHH!!!!” Gagged Bernice moans trashing in the chair.

“I bided my time, I taught you things, and I was your special friend.” Mirror Bernice uses her sensual husky voice.
Concentrating intently her hands continue their erotic torture gently tweaking, squeezing, and twisting, her duplicates nipples. 
HHAHHH HHHAAAHH UNNNHHH!!” Gagged Bernice pants as she trashes in the chair.

“I talked you into an enhancement spell. You remember the spell that gave us these fantastic bods!” Mirror Bernice continues huskily.
And she starts quickly flicking her duplicates nipples.
OOHHHHH GGGGOOOOODDD PPPPLEEEESSSSEEE!” Gagged Bernice begs her thrashing increasing.

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Rated: R - Nudity - Sex     Author: Vipeout
Jan 06, 2011   22:57