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Naked Sexual Torment!

Episode #3491
“Your spell was brilliant! But being trapped in that GODAMNED MIRROR was hell!” Mirror Bernice snarls extreme frustration!
Taking her duplicates nipples firmly between her thumbs and fore fingers she starts turning them forwards and backwards!
“NNNNNOOO!! CCCCCAAAAANNNNTTT TTAAAKKEEE IIITTT!!!”  Yells gagged Bernice into the gag with a different sort of frustration!

“Nor could I! So I studied your spell books and tweaked your spell!!” Snaps mirror Bernice twisting her duplicates nipples hard!
“AAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Tied up Bernice screams into the gag, as she bucks her hips and arches her back as hard as she can!

Mirror Bernice who had obviously been waiting for her duplicate to buck, reacts quickly, sliding her hands down her duplicates body.
As her hands slide past the waistband she thrusts her thumbs inside the jeans without slowing the movement of her hands.
She whips her duplicates jeans and panties down her legs, doubling over, she forces them on down to her doubles bound ankles.

“And I got out of that GOD DAMNED MIRROR! Into a world of senastion where people can touch and be touched.” Exults mirror Bernice.
"BBBIITTTCHHH!!" Naked tied up Bernice, can move her feet a lttle, she stands on her doubles long hair which is pooled on the floor.

"OWW!! Don't be like that! Let me go or else!" Mirror Bernice pulls her own hair trying to stand and finds herself trapped.
"LLETT EAACCHH OTTHEER GGOOO!" Gagged Bernice begs, stuggling to make herself understood around the gag in her mouth.

Jims view of the now naked gagged Bernice is partially obscured by the beguiling view of mirror Bernice, bent over double.
Her derriere is high in the air, her lace panities are peaking out of her short tight blue dress, her shapely legs are on display.
The veiw is so distracting it takes Jim some time to notice that mirror Bernice is working her hands into her doubles crotch.
Hanging on the trellis outside Berice's window Jim notices his breathing is speeeding up and pants are growing uncomfortably tight.

"Sooner or later Jim will notice that I think he is a dweeb, and not the girl wants him to do this to her." Mirror Bernice snarls.
Vigourusly she attacks her double sex with her fingers. Bound Bernice squeezes her legs and twists her hips but there is no escape.

Gagged Bernice writhes in the chair, her breathing is laboured, her evil twin is doing exactly what she likes, and her body is responding!
"PPLEESSEE LLETT MMEE GO! DUU AANNYTTHHINGGG UU WANNT!" Gagged Bernice begs, squirming as her double molests her.

Doubled over and getting red in the face mirror Bernice savagely assults her double, finally she slips her hair free and stands upright. 
"Yes you will and what I want is to rid of any evidence Jim might find, so I am putting you in the mirror." Smiles mirror Bernice.

Her double has stopped touching just before she orgasmed, she needs to come but can't, squeezing her legs together she writhes.
Despiartion and frustratedly both evident on her face, her eyes fill with tears, as she struggles futilely to escape her rope bonds.

"Don't go anywhere will you? I need a shower." Mirror Bernice laughs at her joke, as she unzips and peels off her tight blue dress.
Mirror Bernice watches her double savouring her distress, while tosses her dress into a basket, she removes her bra and tosses it too.
"Watching you squirm like that is quite a turn on." Mirror Bernice continues, touching herself as she removes her underware.

Jim understands what is going on: Bernice wants to have sex with him. Bernice can do magic - which she used to create a mirror double.
The double does not want to have sex with him, and is going to trap the Bernice who does in the mirror.
Jim knows what he must do: He must rescue the Bernice so he can finally get laid!

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Rated: X     Author: Vipeout
Nov 07, 2017   03:48