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Episode #355

"Wait! What? What the heeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!" The Bounty hunter suddenly felt an excruciating pain throughout her entire body. 'It feels like I'm being torn in two!' She thought. Well if the universe had a sense of humor, it was having quite the laugh right now. Samus was wracked in pain, but there was something else, it felt as though something else was in the suit with her. She tried to initiate an emergency shutdown, which would have automatically ejected every piece of armor from her body, but something was in the way of her hand.

"That feels like... huh?!" She was able to fight through the pain long enough to open her eyes, only to come face to face with, well herself. The other Samus bore the same look of confusion and pain, but then the mitosis kicked into high gear, and both women screamed as they continued to split. The Zero body suit that she ofter wore under her armor shredder, lacking the durability to hold two Samus Aran's. Eventually the pain subsided but now there was a new problem.

"Okay, who the hell are you, and how did you cram yourself in here with me?!" Both women exclaimed. her new armor suddenly felt less roomy now that it was occupied by two people. The Samus's were crushed together uncomfortably. Breasts mashed into breasts, legs wrapped around each other, crotches rubbing together. The ladies didn't have an ounce of privacy or modesty left. Samus wasn't a prude, but even she found it hard not to find this embarassing. The greatest bounty hunter the universe had known, jammed into her own suit with another woman, and one who was her exact double at that.

"Get out of my way so I can get us out of here, then I can kick you ass properly!" This declaration only made them angrier, and they started to thrash about within the suit.

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Rated: R - Nudity     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Aug 01, 2008   14:35