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Episode #3556
“Butt out BITCH!!” Snarls mirror Bernice as she slams her butt backwards into her duplicates hard.

“You butt out of my life! WHORE!!” Responds naked Bernice bracing herself with her legs apart she slams her butt back harder.

“Down you go!!” Mirror Bernice says savagely as twisting her hips to the side; she hooks a foot around her duplicates ankle.
She takes the butt blow on the side of her hips and uses it to add to the force with which she whips the foot out from under her double.

Naked Bernice finds herself falling, her side sliding over her duplicates side, to recover her balance she let’s go of the dress with her right hand.
Whipping her hand down her duplicates back against her rotation her fingers catch on her the waist band of her duplicates blue lace panties.
She pulls hard on the dress held in her left hand and the panties held in her right hand, this allows a controlled landing on her left foot and her arse.
“Why don’t you come with me?” Naked Bernice asks, as she pulls her off balance duplicate, down by the dress and sideways by the panties.

Completely off balance, mirror Bernice wriggles free of the wedgie she is getting, and sits down on her duplicates shoulder and face. 
“Can't get enough HUH SLUT?” Asks mirror Bernice snidely, rubbing her sex in her duplicates face as she plants her feet solidly.
Then she stands forcefully, straightening and leaning forward, before spinning, attempting to pull the dress free.

Naked Bernice slams her right hands into the ground pushing, while pulling on the dress with her left hand and leaping with her left foot.
“WHORE!!” Naked Bernice snarls as she leaps up her breasts slapping their way up over the collision her duplicates breasts as they spin past.
Then in the air she gathers the dress with both hands; then her butt lands on her duplicates back and she slides down landing on her feet.

Glued to the view, Jim grinned exultantly as nude Bernice’s' right hand slammed into the ground whipping her mirror Bernice’s' undies off her!
Mirror Bernice is blinded and trapped, from her armpits upwards her head and arms are encased in her blue dress, which is held by her duplicate! 
The Bernice’s are naked, standing back to back, arms above their heads, bums touching, breasts flushed, in the same position they started in!

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Rated: R - Nudity - Sex - Language - Violence     Author: Vipeout
Jan 09, 2011   22:23