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Collision Course

Episode #356
She stared at the display in disbelief. It red in large letters "EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY!"

"What?" Samus had installed this alarm not only to keep her informed of any problems with the suit, but with her ship as well. "Adam! What's going on here?"

"There's another ship approaching ours!" Adam replied. "It appeared out of nowhere and is on a direct collision course! We need to alter our course now!"

"Dammit!" It was obvious that training was over. Not even bothering to get out of her suit, Samus dashed out of the practice room and made her way to her ship's cockpit. When she got there, alarms were blaring and the main screen had the words EMERGENCY! plastered on it in bright red letters.

"Yeah! I get it! Shut up!" She yelled out as she got in the pilots seat and punched up a view up the other ship on her main screen. What she saw was unexpected.

"That ship..." It looked identical to hers! The design was uncannily similar. "Bah! I can't worry about that now!" They were mere moments away from colliding! She had to do something now!

Samus took the controls and veered out of the path of the other ship...and then discovered she was still in its path.

"What?" She steered left...and then right... and then left again...but no matter which direction she went in, the other ship was still right in front of her. "What the hell?! How am I not out of it's way yet!?"

"The other ship seems to be doing the same thing as you..." Adam explained. "The exact same thing unfortunately. Whatever direction you go in, it matches you!"

"Why would it do that?" Samus yelled in frustration.

"Apologies Samus. I haven't determined that. I've been trying to hail them, but I can't get any message through!"

"C'mon! C'mon!" Samus kept trying, but all her attempts to avoid the other ship resulted in the same thing: they matched each other move for move. "Stop copying me you idiot!"

At this point, Samus had to measure her options:

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Jul 29, 2018   14:57