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The Dread pirate Jesse

Episode #3573
Kim was ecstatic. The vacation she had won was absolutely amazing! A week on the sea, waited on hand and door by Kims in skimpy little maid outfits, amazing food, live entertainment, Kim couldn't begin to express how much fun she was having!

So, it was just her luck that something would go horribly wrong, and fast.

"Attention all kims!" Her voice said over the intercom, startling Kim from her peaceful sleep. "This ship is now under the control of the Dread pirate Jesse! Do not attempt to resist, and you won't be harmed!" Suddenly, her door is locked open by a pair of kims in leather shorts with bandanas on their heads.. and nothing else. "Give us your money, slut!" One of them yells. "Or else, we'll just have to force you to submit~!" The other finishes, whipping out a long, hard she-cock.

It's a known fact among seafaring Kim's that the Dread pirate Jesse is a sort of collector. Her entire crew is comprised of what most people call "Imperfect kims." Kim's that deviate slightly from the norm. Be that a different hair color, larger tits, or in the most common case, a huge futa dick. 

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Jun 03, 2018   16:21