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Aquard Realizations

Episode #3643
The two Aqua's had come to some important revelations during their very passionate make out session:

1) She was a very good kisser.

2) She was apparently more narcissistic person than she ever realized.

3) This was not a dream.

It had taken a few minutes to sink in, due to the comibination of exhaustion which still plagued her, and the fact that she was a very good kisser but when they had started to get ahead of themselves and get too kinky (pinching was involved) that had been a clue.

So now both were aware of the fact that rather then dreaming about making out with a double of herself, she actually was making out with a double of herself.

They were still kissing though. And not just because it felt really good. She would need answers, and she needed to keep her twin distracted until she could find a way to take the advantage. And their kiss.......was very distracting.

So they kept up their liplock, while rolling on the bed, rubbing and tangling their legs together, mashing their breast, while their nipples poked each other through their shirts. It was definately distracting.

'Right. Can't lose focus.......Oh that's nice......NO! Must stay........OOOOOOOOOOO........' This was hard. She was being seduced by another woman, by herself. What was her twin's plan? Leave her too horny and lust-filled to think? Well that wouldn't happen. She just needed to........

"Ooooooooooo!" Then they began stroking between the other's legs. Distracted again. But that was the point really; keep her distracted. So distracted that she would not be able to counter Aqua's plan. The fact that she herself was finding herself equally unfocused made things take much longer, and made it much harder.

Aqua had a simple plan, made much less simply by the situation. She would..........

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Rated: R     Author: Mr. 2ofher
May 12, 2011   18:02