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Another Story

Episode #388
"This story is completely ridiculous!"

Gwen (who is completely grown up in this story) was sitting on the beach trying to get a tan, listening to her cousin Ben tell her a story about her finding a strange object and splitting in two.

"But wait, don't stop listening," Ben replied. "You didn't get to hear about when the clone turned out to be an evil alien parasite and…"

At this moment Gwen stopped listening to Ben and started to think to herself. Ben's story obviously took place in another universe. In this world, Gwen was able to get her hands on the Omnitrix: an alien device that can change the user's DNA, causing them to transform into an alien. After obtaining the Omnitrix, Gwen and her cousin Ben went on many adventures together. Ben even gained magic powers along the journey.
However, in most other universes, Ben was the one to get the Omnitrix.

Gwen's thoughts were abruptly cut off by sounds of terror coming from the city. Looking over, Gwen saw what appeared to be a giant frog attacking the city.
"Animo," Ben muttered under his breath.

"Don't worry, I got this!"
After saying that, Gwen hit the Omnitrix and became…

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Rated: PG     Author: Anonymously Anonymous
Aug 09, 2017   10:43