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Conservative Revealing

Episode #4015
“Aaaah, oooooooh, aaaah” Both Aquas squirm against each other as they break their kiss but continue to press their perfect bodies against each other.

“You going to aaaaaaah give up?” One Aqua asks as she wrestles with the other Aqua for the top position while maintaining their bodies rubbing against each other.

“No but you should aaaaaaaah give up!” The other Aqua replies as she wrestled back against the other Aqua for the top position while continuing their grinding against each other.

Aqua and Aqua kiss each other once more as they put one hand to each other’s exposed back and start to open up the x-straps holding their clothes together.

“Mmmmmmmmmmh” Aqua And Aqua rub their nipples against each other as their free hand starts to fondle their crotches between their legs, with said legs also furiously rubbing against each other as Aqua and Aqua both try to exploit their known weaknesses against each other.

Aqua and Aqua finish unhooking their straps on each other as they then rub each other’s backs seductively “Mmmmmmmmmh, mmmmmmmmmmmh!!!” As Aqua and Aqua continue to kiss and fondle each other relentlessly with their rubbing against each other in every part of their body they can.

“I have to win, ooooooooooh, then I’ll find out, aaaaaaaaaaaah, who and what she is” Both Aquas think as they now rotate between molesting each other on breasts, crotches and their sensitive backs and while gradually using their hands to strip each other’s clothes smooth and supple legs rub against smooth and supple legs even with their layer clothed covering it.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMH!!!!!” Aqua and Aqua still maintain their kiss Even as they strip and molest each other, exposing their tongues to touch as they use it to wrestles against each other’s wet mouths. Aqua and Aqua also maintain eye contact with one another as they see their list-filled eyes, “Even for a copy, AAAAAAAAAAAAH, this is really enjoyable, OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!” Both Aqua squirm vigorously against each other as the tempo of their sexy battle amps up. moaning what they are thinking with each energetic molestation against each other as they massage their now exposed bare-skins, having managed to strip most of their upper layers of clothing on each other now.

Aqua and Aqua roll around in their bed with their energetic kissing with tongues equally trying to wrestle as hard as their bodies with wet saliva being exchanged between their tongues, as both Aquas squash their now exposed breasts against each other while one free hand now move to strip their lower layers of clothing especially around their smooth and supple legs still rubbing against each other furiously.

Aqua and Aqua finish stripping each other completely now as their smooth legs hug and tangle against each other; “Aaaah, oooooh, mmmmmmmh” Aqua and Aqua would moan occasionally now as they now start rub their crotches against each other, hands massages their bare-skin backs slowly but energectically as both Aquas know how they would like it. Aqua and Aqua smash their nipples against each other all the while rubbing their exposed bellies and continuing to kiss each other with wild abandon.

“She’ll give up eventually.,,,” Aqua and Aqua both think yet wonder how long they can keep this up, moaning their pleasures in their lust filled battle, continuing to roll around in their bed to try to get the top position, breasts smashing against each other equally, hands massaging their backs in patterns while brushing their medium-length hair to arouse each other, crotches lined up against each other as both Aquas systematically hump each other with it while rubbing each other’s crotches without breaking apart like their kisses now, legs hugging and tangling with one another as both Aquas now start to get sweaty and notice each other blushing red on their faces and bodies.

“I...  am... Master... Aqua...” Both Aquas briefly breaking their kiss before resuming it immediately, having forgotten why they are fighting as they pant heavily and moan their deep pleasures, as Aqua and Aqua continue their sexy and lust-filled battle with their sweaty bodies blushing deep red yet with horny minds.

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Rated: G     Author: X
Dec 08, 2017   16:20