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An unladylike rematch

Episode #437
Zelda and Zelda stood on opposite sides of the bed, each trying to grasp the situation in front of them. She was here...the woman from her dream.

Standing in front of her was herself: one sported wing shaped hair clips in her hair, while the other had triforce earrings; beyond that, both were mostly nude, wearing only tiny slips, some thigh high stockings, and elbow length gloves.

"...you..." As they stared upon each other, both Zeldas remembered the dream; how this woman had attacked her, assaulted her like an animal, and how Zelda had fought back against her in turn, repaying violence with violence, and then debasing themselves by resorting to a sex fight.

"...you did those things to me..." Had it all been a dream? A nightmare? Or had it all been real? Neither Zelda knew, but as they looked upon this woman who'd stolen her name, her face, and had now even snuck into her bed. They felt that same rage they had experienced in the dream at the sight of this woman, her sheer nerve. She insulted Zelda's entire life merely by existing.

"...Y-you...you'll pay..." they both gritted their teeth as they glared, practically seeing red. "YOU'LL PAY!!!"

Suddenly, both women just screamed out battle cries and threw themselves at the other, flying over the bed that separated them, crashing together with a loud off, and landing on the bed, which became their makeshift battle ground. Hands were in hair, legs were entwined, and bodies rubbed and bumped together as the two women stopped being princesses and became more like deranged hellcats, just like in their dream.

"WITCH! HAG! SKANK! WHORE!" They slapped, clawed, bit, punched, kicked, and pulled hair, all while rolling all over the bed, until that proved to not be enough to contain their fury and they fell over, still tumbling over each other, until they stopped, bodies so entangled that neither could get them moving again. The slips they'd been wearing were quickly torn to shreds, leaving them in just the gloves and stockings (as well as the earrings for one and the hair clips for the other).

There they lay, breasts and pussies rubbing together; legs coiled around each other like snakes; each with one hand reaching around the others head and yanking blonde hair as hard as possible. Their faces were flushed red, and while their mouths were open, they didn't so much speak as hiss, spit, growl and let loose illegible angrish (angry gibberish) as they continued their battle.


Once again, the two princesses were locked in a fierce struggle, not caring what they had to do as long as it ended with the witch in front of her beaten and laying helpless at her feet.

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Rated: X     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Feb 11, 2018   05:40