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See! Now your playing with power....err wisdom.

Episode #438
The Zelda's eyed each other with uncertainty, still finding it difficult to believe the other was real. Each one waited for the other's seemingly inevitable attack, but nothing happened. They just stared at one another for what seemed like hours, but it had actually been only a few moments.

'Is this a trick? What is she waiting for?' Both women felt their adrenaline levels begin to go down, and they slowly but surely calmed down. Maybe.... things didn't have to go like in their dream?

"Where did you come from? What is it you want?" Both questions came at the same moment. The Zelda's sighed. This would take a while.

Ten minutes later, the twin Princesses of Destiny had managed to talk things out. They were now both positive that the other was not a threat, but were no closer to discovering the mystery of their current predicament. They had sat themselves down at a nearby table in their room, and were discussing any and every thing they could think of that might explain the existence of two Zeldas.

"Well we seem to have the same memories...." one began. "And if the dream is any indication, we think alike as well." The other continued. "And then there's this!" Both women revealed raised their hands, showing off the triforce mark on the back. This was the most confusing part. There were only three pieces of the Triforce: Power, Courage, and Wisdom. Zelda had the Triforce of Wisdom, but how could both women possess it at the same time. Had it somehow split? Had it split them? Was this other girl so good a facsimile that even copying such a sacred and powerful relic not beyond whatever power brought her into existence.

"This is exaperating!" Both women stated. If two of them couldn't figure this out, then who could. "We may have to consider telling someone about this." The Zelda on the right spoke. Her twin nodded sagely. "Agreed. I doubt we could keep this a secret forever. But who should we trust?"

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Aug 05, 2008   02:04