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Egypt's Power

Episode #4615
In the land of Egypt lived the great Pharaoh Xero. Xero was hailed as a God and above all else was renown for his power and glory. Despite his ability to mate with all women within the walls and settlements of his empire his heart yearned for Purcell. She was a beautiful women at the age of 21 and she was blessed with divine black hair that went right to her shoulders and was dressed in nothing less that the finest leathers and gold. She wore a necklace with a diamond shape plate big enough to almost cover her whole chest and made of solid gold and encrusted with various gems and such and she has solid gold chest plates, made the size of a D sized women and she wore a skirt with the finest fabrics the land could offer. Purcell did not find Xero attractive and although he found this most disheartening he did not force the temptress to marry him. Xero was angered and called upon his court advisor Justar. Xero spoke "Justar i find no other women attractive and I am truly in love with the women known as Purcell" Justar hearing this left without a word knowing what had to be done. He cast a spell on Purcell which would not make her fall in love but rather see interest in Xero. She returned to the castle and confessed that she grew a slight fondness for her Excellency. Purcell spoke "I have yet to find a man to maintain my interest in, what makes you so sure that you will fulfill my desires" Xero responded "Purcell I will grant you whatever you wish I will take continent after continent in your name if you would allow me" Purcell moved toward him seductively and whispered "I didn't mean material value, I meant something only a man I would call my own could give me" With this the two went into Xeros chambers and had a night full of that something.
Months passed and Purcell yearned for something greater a new excitement. Xero again called upon Justar and said "What can I give my lady that would please her" Justar answered "Your ladies demands can only be met by one person and it is not you nor I but herself" Xero was intrigued by these words and looked curiously at his advisor Justar then continued "Purcell has a competitive edge about her and she is truly a assertive women, a meeting with herself would certainly enlighten her. Xero asked "How can you make this happen, how will I be able to tell my wife from the identical clone" Justar answered "Relax my Pharaoh I will make them completely identical down to their bodies and memories, but I will make the colors of the impostor opposite of the original, all you must do is ensure they keep one patch of clothing on and memorize the originals whereabouts and I will be able to dispose of the clone. Xero asked " Can't you make the copy obedient" Justar said " I fear even the smallest flaw in the duplicate will make my plan useless". Xero agreed and when be entered his chamber he saw two Purcells staring astonished at one another. "Who are you" they both said each one feeling intimidated by the other. He knew the real Purcell wore black and saw the other was in white. He said "Darling this is my doing" Both looked infuriated and stared at him "Why would you do this" One said "Was one of me not enough to please you" the other spoke Xero then laughed and said "Fear not only one of you will please me the question is who" with that the two Purcells looked at him then eachother and took a step to bang their chest bras together and demanded to eachother "He's mine" Xero interrupted and said I ask one thing keep your chokers on. With that the two Purcells took off everything but their chokers and came bare flesh against bare flesh completely identical and both lunged for Xero. Slapping and clawing eachother they wrestled for the chance to mount Xero. In the heat of sexual battle both women were shoulder to shoulder resting upon his and bumping hips and arms and faces trying to please him. The women shoved each other and grabbed at one another to ward the other off. Both women determined to out due the other. At the end of the night both fell asleep on either side of him and their knees and hands touched on his body each pushing to be the only ones on him and in the morning he sent for the clone to be destroyed. After the cloned was disposed of Purcell approached Xero....

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Rated: R     Author: 22double
Jul 17, 2017   06:31