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Intro to Canvas

Episode #4616
Tanya was 27 year old very uptight, rich, English women. Her standards for a man were set as high as possible. She was conceded and saw herself as God's gift to Earth. She was born with a nice rack, not to big but definetly not small, just perfect and also an ass that can pop out in any pants. She had curves and was a tan light complexion as if the sun had kissed her body and she was a dirty blonde. Her ethnicity was English as she lived in England with parents that kept her spoiled but she was educated.
Tanya felt superior to every women and felt she was the complete package, due to her high standards her boyfriend was a famous artist  Vago that painted beautiful canvases, admired by everyone and 2 paintings being inducted to the world famous art museum. Vago was a proud man and also a hardworking one. Unlike his girlfriend he saw the humbleness of the world and sought to show Tanya his perspective. She of course never understood his point of view nor did she care too. She was always bugging him and often interrupting him as he painted. It was a Sunday morning at the break of dawn when Tanya and Vago awoke in their room to the beaming sunlight of their beach view on the top story of their 4 story home. Vago spoke "Good morning dear" and Tanya spat back "Leave me alone I'm trying to sleep" Vago understanding proceeded downstairs to tell the chef what to cook for breakfast.
At 11:00AM Tanya awoke to smelling eggs, pancakes, French toast and bacon, she sauntered downstairs to be greeted by assorted fruits and other hand food pastries. She saw Vago making 2 plates one for himself and one for her. She yelled "I'm not in the mood for any of this garbage I think I'll have something from the diner across the street." Vago agreeing went and they had breakfast at the 5 restraunt "Radiants"and Tanya ordered Lobster Bisque with garlic bread and tomato soup. While eating Vago spoke what can I do to please you Tanya, you seem so angry lately" Tanya said "Well for starters you can stop painting so much and maybe show me a little attention" she said in a aggravated tone.
Vago spoke "Well what if I did something more, what if I did a painting of you"
Tanya looked and a cocky smile came across her face "Well you could try Vago but I doubt you could capture all of my details."
Vago seeing this as an opportunity said "Well will see about that" After breakfast he had Tanya stand in her black designer jeans and white button down shirt in their room. Vago told her to undress until she was only in her lace bra and panties. Tanya annoyed but curious did as he asked. She posed but after 5 minutes of standing still Tanya said "How long is this going to take, I'm bored" Vago wisely took a picture and continued painting.
Within 5 hours on a life sized paper he was done. Tanya had gone to the other room to nap still in her undergarments.
Vago full of paint but proud covered the painting in cloth. He wished in his head "I hope when she first sees this that the painting will be exactly like her and they will be indistinguishable"
All the sudden a light flashed from under the cloth. Vago startled looked under but saw nothing but the painting.
He covered it and walked to shower. Tanya arose from her slumber and yelled "Vago is the painting finished" Vago knowing she would want to look said "yes dear go and see it I'll be out after I'm done cleaning up"  Tanya walked into their bedroom with the sunset light shining on the covered canvas. She unveiled the painting and a bright light flashed covering the whole room and blinding Tanya for a moment. When her sight came back she looked at an empty canvas and yelled "Their is nothing here" as her voice was echoed. She looked and came face to face with herself completely identical in appearance and the surprised look on their faces

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Rated: G     Author: 22double
Feb 12, 2017   20:15