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Catty sexfight

Episode #4843
Jim crept closer to the two identical women who were far too focused on each other to even notice him, when he was close enough to finally make out what they were saying without screaming he noted that if he screamed himself nobody outside the boiler room could of heard him. The second thing he noted was they had stopped arguing and where glaring with such intense hatred Jim would of sworn on his life if they could they would without doubt have killed the woman before them.

“I may not be able to live without you but that doesn’t mean I don’t HATE YOU!” The two twin teachers say after a few more seconds of intense glaring and in such perfect synch that also made him note that not only did the beautiful women look exactly alike in nearly every way but they also sounded exactly alike, in fact they were even wearing the same outfit with the only reason he could tell the two apart was Ms.S was wearing a blue ensamble and had blonde hair while Ms.C was wearing a red one and had brown hair. Otherwise considering their their hairstyle, dress sense, body shape and all around physical looks were basically identical in every way he could see Jim doubted he would have been able to tell the difference. After a few seconds of silence where Jim could see hurt and annoyance pass over the women due to their words the women in question in perfect synch spoke again “fine! Today I end this farce, Dr. Palmer came up with a way to force you back into me....”

Directly after the words were spoken a echoed cracking slap was heard as Jim winced watching the two women slap each other’s right cheek with their right had hard enough to leave a glowing red hand print and then nearly instantly repeat the action for the other cheek with their other hand. Their hands instantly locked into hair getting Jim to prepare himself for probably the hottest catfight between two near identical beautiful adult sisters that he ever see, instead of what he had expected which was screeching and hairpulling Jim got the surprise of his life as the two tugged the hair towards themselves making the other groan in pain and for their face come to them. Meeting halfway the pair engaged in the hottest, hungriest and most violent kiss Jim had ever seen in his life, loud identical groans of pain and pleasure emitted from the women despite the fact their bruising kiss was smothering the noise.

As they continued their kiss Jim saw the two move their bodies into complete contact with their covered breasts mushroomed together which had gotten even louder moans from them, their legs entangled like snakes so tightly Jim couldn’t tell whose were whose and finally their crotches touched which got the women’s eyes to close with yet another loud moan accompanying it.

Finally with a wet pop the two finished their kiss a string of saliva still running from one tongue to the other, foreheads then press together as the pair once again glared green eyes into identical green eyes while in perfect synch once again saying “so Palmer told you of this way too, that could only mean the winner stays in control....I would never lose to such a cheap copy like this filthy/dirty whore/slut before me. But first....” The two then release each other’s hair much to their visible relief, in seconds after a flurry of movements the two were basically in their birthday suits bar the free toed high heels on their feet and basically purr arousal clear “much better! Though don’t think I didn’t notice how you didn’t have panties on you filthy/dirty whore/slut of a dear “sister” of mine...” Instantly they encircle each other in the tightest hug they could muster “you will surrender yourself both physically and mentally to me, this I swear!” they then get so impossibly close their lips ghost against each other and Jim barely heard them whisper in husky tones that were filled with hidden promises “I dare you to resist, your screams and frustration will be like aphrodisiac to me you second rate copycat shank/bitch!”

Less then a second after the threat their mouth collide in an even more violent kiss then before but this time it was filled with so much lust Jim could see the excess oozing off them from across the room, next their arms start to tighten their holds getting uncomfortable moans of pleasure and pain from the women as their breasts crush together. After a few seconds of this Jim saw the women realise the stalemate the hold placed them in as neither could put gain the advantage nor could they release without forfeiting, quickly their heeled shoes were used as weapons leaving nasty bleeding gashes down the back of legs while fingers left bloody scratches along backs without breaking the crushing hug. Of course the women gasped in pain at such actions but Jim could easily hear the pleasure and arousal in said gasp too...

From where he hid Jim could see bruises also forming on the bodies of the women especially on their breasts, around their mouths, along their legs were their strong muscles had strangle holds on each other and in the area where their identical rivalling sister was squeezing their backs with all her might.

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