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Blast Her! Why Won’t She Come?

Episode #4927
“Mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh, mmmphh!” In the bath in Sakura’s bathroom a trembling pile of bubbles was making a continuous series of little muffled whimpering moans.

Under the bubbles Sakura was reeling, the only thing she could see though the red haze that had descended over her vision was bubbles. She couldn’t breathe, her lungs were on fire, while her face and body were being crushed against the athletic naked form of her doppelganger.  But she couldn’t stop returning the asphyxiating kiss or crushing bear hug as any weakness would leave her at the mercy of the hot doppelganger she was battling.

Nor could Sakura stop making the little whimpering moans that were draining the last of her air. Because she desperately was trying to force the curvy slender doppelganger she was struggling against to orgasm, so she could conquer her in that moment of weakness! Which meant she had to keep gyrating her hips and humping with her soapy wet crotch, so she could ply her engorged sex against her doppelgangers engorged sex. The problem was that the long struggle against her lithe doppelganger had left her body in an excruciatingly aroused state, and each contact on her labia sent a pulse of pleasure coursing through her body to the core of her being, resulting in an involuntary little whimpering moans.

Blast her! Why won’t she come? Thought Sakura. She knew she was running out of air and that her resistance to her sexy doppelganger’s erotic assault was crumbling. So calling on the last of her reserves Sakura: increased her squeeze her on doppelganger’s chest, bend her stomach, and twisted her hips to maximise contact between their clits. Engorged breasts and aroused nipples burned with pain as they were crushed flat. Her stomach and legs quivered as they strained to hold this new position. But Sakura ignored these sensations and increased the tempo of the battle, thrashing her sex furiously against her doppelgangers sex!

“Unnh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh!” The pile of bubbles in the bath in Sakura’s bathroom was shuddering now and making a continuous series of much more rapid muffled grunting moans. Because under the bubbles, Sakura’s doppelganger was in the exact same condition as Sakura and doing exact same thing!

 “AAAAHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!” The Sakura’s mutual scream was muffled by their savage kiss and reduced in volume by lack of air in their lungs. In their extremely aroused states: the better angle, the clit on clit collisions, the double increase in tempo, the furiousness of the increased friction, or the way their labia thrashed against each other, would have individually been enough to push them over the edge. Combined it was far too much for either Sakura to even partially resist. A monumental simultaneous orgasm BLASTED though both Sakura’s! They CAME in a mind shattering explosion of pleasure so intense that they lost consciousness! They flew apart, landing at opposite ends of the bath, then unconscious they slowly slid into the bath. The bath now looked like a giant bubble pie, under those bubbles the Sakura’s continued to slowly slide until they were halted by slipping back into the same sex on sex position they had ended up so repeatedly during their tussle.

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Rated: X     Author: Vipeout
Jun 10, 2012   09:30