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Maximum orgy

Episode #5055
All four Maxine’s engaged in a passionate intense orgy, not even caring for the school work that had to be done. The two parties had been ripped off, and the naked cunt was already smacking violently with its exact counterpart.

The four Maxine’s had split onto two pairs on the bed, all four of them scissoring intensely with their partner.  However the bed was so small, that there were all so close to one another, they could feel the naked sides of their mirrored twins next to them.

The Maxine’s muscular thighs were slick with their own juices, causing them to rub their flowing pussies harder. The Maxine’s long sexy legs, kept clashing with each other by the ankle, but this only caused them to grind harder.

As the hot love making session increased, the Maxine’s found themselves naturally more horny, with the attraction to her own body (any of them) sky rocket.

Moans and gasped of pleasure leaped out of the Maxine’s mouths, either one at a time or together. It sounded like one Maxine was just yelling fast and loud, but instead she fucking herself 4 times over.

Soon her gaze shifted to the Maxine besides her, their faces equally expressing immense pleasure and physical endearment. Even in the middle of bucking violently with her exact doubles clit in-between her legs, she still could help but lust for the strikingly beautiful face in front of her.

Maxine managed to crane her neck forward, pleasure overriding the mild awkwardness. Soon her lips matched with its perfect match, further increasing the sexual magnetism between the four identical women.

Soon the Maxine’s were making out furiously with themselves, their tongues clashing just as intensely as their cunts. Soon they had one free hand on their own large orb, squeezing and grasping the large bulbous flesh.

Maxine, all four of her was indistinguishable in their actions, all of them withering, shifting, and bucking wildly in perfect orgasmic harmony.  Maxine’s composer was completely lost, as she was making hot raw sex with her exact duplicates, fully exploring her sexuality.

But soon Maxine’s mind and body caught up, causing a massive orgasm to erupt from them all. Their orgy was cut short, as they all screamed in orgasmic pleasure and delight.  They couldn’t help but toss and move around the bed, the little room caused them to bump repeatedly.

All four Maxine’s soon began gulping in air, there was smooth firm skin was now covered in sweat and cum.

They could still feel their bare cunts pressing perfectly against another, but that only increased comfort for the Maxine’s.
They all tried to rise and untangle themselves from one another, but the combined issue of their position and not telling which limb was theirs, caused the Maxine’s to relatively stay in their explicit positions.

But they each managed to prop themselves on their elbows, each of them greeting by three other identical smiling flustered faces.

“Best sex ever?” one of them asked to her three duplicates.

“Hell yeah!” they all universally agreed, shacking their tops to illustrate their point.

“I still haven’t eaten out of our pussies” piped in one Maxine half jokingly.

“Oh my god, it’s the best feeling ever to get eaten out of by...me” expressed one Maxine, rolling her head back recounting that hot event.

“Better when you’re actually doing it” finally revealed the Maxine who had made it inside one of the other Maxine’s. All four of them looked at one another lovingly, enjoying the naked company of one another.

All the Maxine’s found their little conversations amazing, as they were speaking her own thoughts. Of course their sex’s touching intimately helped the attraction a bit.

But despite the lust and feelings they had for one another, the Maxine’s were simply too exhausted to continue any major sexual activity with themselves.

Each of them practically reading their own thoughts, leaned in for a wonderful four way kiss, all of them moaning together as one.

As they slowly and reluctantly parted, they each gazed lovingly into their own eyes and simply whispered “Good night”. But they didn’t need to say “We’ll continue this later” “Or I’d fuck you if I could”.

The Maxine’s slowly descended back onto bed that barely contained four of them, the frame continuously making creaking noises under the combined weight.

Maxine reached for the partner beside her, and snuggled in closer with her. She felt her own body being touched by her own hands as she herself lightly explored her other body. But soon the touching and stroking ceased, as all the Maxine’s fell into a deep sleep in each other’s arms and their four identical bodies entangled together.

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Rated: X     Author: deux_bag (originally by ryan3199)
May 03, 2012   09:04