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The Clash of the Claires: Round Three

Episode #5202
All hell broke loose, as the Claire’s immediately started fighting. They were hand in hand, trying to push each other into the water. Identical grunts were heard as they kept twisting in turning naked and moist, there twinned bosoms often colliding with a wet fleshy “smack”.
Both knowing by now they were at equal strength, they put there CQB training to use. Each women let go off there doubles hand, crossed there arms into an open palm thrust, aiming for there opponents chest.
There wet arms slipped by each other, as both Claire’s got a clean hit on each other tits.  Both of them were sent flying back, landing in the hot spring water.
They both scrambled to get up from the steaming water, and when they got a visual on there doubles, grabbed her throat and started squeezing. One Claire had a slight height advantage, seeing that her opponent was leaning back a little.
She took the opportunity to quickly hook her foot with her doubles bare ankle underwater, and pulled.  She managed to get her doubles head underwater her body arching upward as she.
Claire was drowning her other self, seeing only her dying doubles breasts on the surface of the water.  The Claire underwater felt the heat of water around her head; she kept pounding her doubles hands, trying to free them from her throat.
Her blows kept getting weaker as they used up all oxygen from the drowning Claire. She stopped, then with a swift movement, bent her legs upward and out of the water. With her knees on her chest, she reached her feet out, and felt her doubles chest, the nipples between her toes.
With all her might, she blasted her legs forward, sending her double flying back and freeing the grip on her throat. She quickly went on her feet, her water emerging from the water as she started to get oxygen back into her lungs.
With her breath back, Claire saw that her double was still trying to get up. From the water. She quickly rushed forward and managed to get behind her double. She grabbed the back of her neck with one hand, and her doubles ponytail with the other.
She then pushed her twin’s head forward into the water, but she was also standing. The Claire felt her cunt press against her doubles ass as they gripped closely together underwater.  She felt the ass slid around her cunt, the smooth wet skin rubbing against her clit as the submerged Claire struggled to get up.
She was feeling the same effects her double was earlier underwater, and she too decided to try a last attempt to break free. She then slid her legs between and behind her opponent’s legs in preparation for her counter attack.
Once there, she quickly bent her knees upward, like she was trying to hit her own ass, but her bare feet met… well an identical ass.  Claire gasped in pain as her behind was hit by such force, and let go of her doubles hair.
Still underwater, Claire stretched her hands behind her back, and managed to grip her opponent’s ankles. The with all her remaining strength, she pulled herself through her double legs, and burst out of the hot spring behind her doppelganger.
She quickly slid her arms underneath her doubles armpits, and spreading her doubles arms apart. Both Claries just stood there panting deeply; there wet hot bodies pressed together. “I was planning to hunt you down bitch,” said the Claire at the front her chest heaven up and down with each word. “Me too, but I guess we didn’t have to” said the other, feeling her tits rub up and down her doubles back.
“Ohh someone’s turned on right now!” said the Claire as she felt her doubles erected nipples jabbing her back. “Enjoy it babe, this is the last time your going to be naked with a chick in a hot spring.” Replied her duplicate, sliding her wet tits down and back up her twin’s naked back.
Both Claire’s gave out a loud identical laugh, and stopped, knowing that this had to come to an end.
The Claire behind held, twisted her wrists and grabbed her doubles, bending then outward. The other Claire screamed in pain, and let go, but managed to push the other Claire in the ass with her foot, sending her flying forward.
The Claire’s were now 3 metres from one another, staring into each other with hatred. But the many minutes fighting in the heat of the hot spring was now taking effect as both of them felt dizzy.
“I can’t keep fighting like this... but that means she can’t either.” Both of them thought. They looked to their sides, finally seeing the steps that led to the massage and sauna rooms.
Both women quickly started moving to the stairs, there movements hampered by the water.  Finally they were on opposite sides of the steps, the two of them about a metre apart. Trying to get her ahead of her double, they each grabbed each other’s ponytails and yanked them back.
But the combined wetness of both of their hands and hair caused them only to pull out the hair band. Now the Claire’s were out of the hot spring, standing on the wooden floor just outside the spring, the door to the sauna room just metres away.
The Claire’s didn’t waste any more time, and quickly close the gap between. Once in range, the Claire’s whipped out legs in a full frontal kick. They both caught there opponents’ legs under their armpits.
Glaring at each other, they started swerving around, hopping on their free foot. Finally one of the Claire’s saw her duplicate nearing the door. Timed perfectly, she let go of her doubles foot while pulling hers inward.
This caused the other Claire to fly right through the paper door landing on the other side with a loud thud.
Claire smiled at her small success, and quickly rushed toward the door, eager to finish her duplicate once and for all.

Claire was getting up on her feet, trying to recover from her toss. She saw she was in a long   lamp lit hall, with numerous paper doors on the sides. At the very end hall was a hole in the door, which she created when she was thrown through.
She saw her doppelganger came stepping through it, and made eye contact with her double. Once through, she started running at full speed toward her duplicate, her large breasts swaying heavily with each swift step.
Claire got into fighting stance, ready to deal some pay back to her exact duplicate. She saw her double jump into the air, flying forward with her fist raised. Claire saw her opening, and swung her fist upward, catching her twin right in the exposed stomach.
Claire felt her fist hit the naked flesh with a “smack” and heard her duplicate breath rush out of her mouth. Claire used the moment of her duplicate, and grabbed her arms.  Then with her strength, she had her twin upside down in the air, holding her by the arms.
Then, she quickly pushed herself backward, attempting to slam her opponent to the ground. The Claire in the air saw this coming, and quickly grabbed her doubles arms back. Just before she hit the ground, Claire bent her knees inward and managed to get her feet to hit floor rather than her whole backside, like the attack intended.
Now the two Claire’s were naked on the ground on their backsides backward connected the arms. They both looked “up” and saw their own face staring back at them. They then let go of each other’s arms, and quickly went on their feet in perfect sync. Just inches from each other, The Claire’s wrapped their arms around each other’s hot sweaty bodies, and attempted to squeeze other to the death.  Large tits were pressed into large fleshy disks, naked legs were keeping a vice grip on one another and cunts were face to face with pubic hair intertwining.
They both kept a long hard look another as the two Claire’s kept vice griping there identical naked form. Minutes went by, and unable to continue there full body press, they both head butted each other trying to get the other to give in.
This results in to two exact screams of pain as there hard hits colliding with furious force, both  of them letting go of their hold, and backing up. They both teetered in place with one hand on there throbbing forehead.
Both leaning on opposite walls, the Claire looked at each other’s bodies, seeing the amount of damage each one delt while looking for a weak spot.
Both of them were in equal condition, there nude bodies were bright red from the hot spring and the constant slapping against each other’s naked flesh. Claire was slick and moist with a mix of water and sweat, their hair dropping over their faces.
They both pushed of there respected walls, and started to advance one another. They were moving a bit sluggish and slow, since both of them were exhausted. One Claire swung her arm to the side in a quick punch, aiming for her duplicates face.
The other Claire took a step back, and using her doubles momentum to her advantage, grabbed the side of her opponent large identical breast, and pushed her to the wall.
Claire hit the wall frontward with a “thud” and slowly turned to face her double. She noticed she was behind a sliding paper door as the other Claire charged her. She took a quick step to the side, and copying her doubles move, grabbed the side of her tits and pushed through the door.
Claire braced herself as she crashed through the thin paper door. When she hit a wooden bench with small force, she started feeling very hot again. A quick glance around showed that Claire was in a sauna. The medium sized room was well built, the wooden benches on the sides with the heating rocks on the wall next to the door.
Claire heard the door close behind her and turned her head around. She saw her double standing behind the door her eyes set on her double. She then started to charge Claire arms stretched out. Claire quickly rolled to the other side of the bench.
She stopped at the other end of the bench, and leaned on it for support. She slowly turned her head to the side, and saw her twin in the exact same position she was. They both were leaning against the bench; there long naked body was dripping with sweat.
The doubles tried to get up, but quickly fell back down. Claire was feeling groggy as her body was not moving as fast and precise as she’d like. She realized that the fighting her exact double under hot condensation naked was very tiring, as both of them were on the verge of collapse.
They then slowly climbed onto the bench, and leaned their backs on the wall, and spread their legs out.
Claire just sat there as she breathed heavily; sweat now literally streaming all over her nude body. She noticed her doubles exact state, seeing her naked cunt exposed, as though it was challenging her to sex.
“Sex is the last thing I’d be having with this bitch” both Claire’s thought. But then something occurred to Claire. She still carried the TechDawn STi in her body, and if she fucked her double, she’d guarantee her death!
Claire slowly started to edge her way toward her exact double, her legs wide open ready to receive her mirrored cunt. Finally, both Claire’s were close enough to intertwine their legs together in scissoring position, but there cunts weren’t connected just yet.
Both of them were could feel there hot thigh resting on each other and looked each other in the eye. “I am uhhh going to fuck you to death bitch” each Claire managed to gasp to each other.
“We’ll see whore” they both said as they leaned back, and with a loud grunt, pushed there cunts together. They felt there soaking holes touch each other, pubic hair tangling with its mirror image. Then with all her remaining strength, Claire starting grinding her pussy into her exact doubles.
Claire felt her vulva start giving out a little, and increased her speed. Both of them were grunting loudly as the juice finally started to come out of each other’s fuck holes. Claire finally felt cum enter and exit her body, and laughed hysterically.
After several attempts, she had finally killed this copy, not through lethal combat or fighting but through sex. Claire thought she might as well enjoy the moment and started to let the orgasm creep up on her.
Finally after minutes of pussy gridding there hot sweaty identical bodies, the Claire’s let out a huge orgasm. They felt all the raw sexual energy from her cunt slam into her head, giving her the most pleasurable experience in her life.
“Oh my god!” both of them yelled, unable to contain the pleasure they were experiencing. Claire had never felt an orgasm this big in her life, and realized it was because she was fucking someone just like her.
As it slowly slid away, Claire’s vision started to blur, as she stopped scissoring and let her body go numb. As she closed her eyes a smiled on her face appeared as she thought of her last fight with her double.
“At least the sex was great” was Claire’s last thought as she drifted into unconsciousness

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Rated: R     Author: deux_bag (originally by ryan3199)
Jun 10, 2012   09:08