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In the morning

Episode #5220
Sakura finally woke up. And she was shivering.

"Brr," she said, forgetting last night's events. "I must have fallen asleep in the tub for some reason."

Of course both Sakuras were saying this but they didn't realize this due to their vision being blurry and speaking at the exact same time.

However she didn't need to see, because she knew the house like the back of her hand.

They both got out, and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around herself. Somehow, she didn't notice her wet body touching another one, or how it seemed smaller than usual, because she was too occupied by trying to remember what happened last night.

She made it all the way to her room to get dressed up. She reached into a drawer and pulled out a pair of pink panties that she liked and put them on. She somehow didn't notice the girl directly facing her, or the identical legs sliding past hers as they went in.

With the panties stretched around both girls, she opened another drawer to pull out a pantyhose. Even though she doesn't normally wear those, she felt distracted, and got a plain white pair to put on.

Both Sakura slid it on, hardly noticing her skin slide against more skin. She did however, start to notice it getting tight.
Unlike the panties, which were elastic, the pantyhose was made to fit only one Sakura, and not two. So it ripped slightly as she put it on.

Then when it was completely on, the pantyhose snapped tight, pushing their pelvises so close together it hurt. Their womanly areas were also squeezed together, and it was so tight that every slight movement they made felt pleasurable to each.


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Rated: R     Author: Anonymously Anonymous
Feb 11, 2018   02:07