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Parallel Works

Episode #5273

Anti Spiral Nia was in disbelief. She should have had complete control of this body, and yet, in front of her stood the false persona, somehow still existing within their now shared body.

"To think, the Spiral plague would be so persistent that even my own body would fall victim to it." She said aloud, trying to regain some composure.

"Insult me all you want, but I will no longer let you act as you please!" Spiral Nia replied. It was time for her to fight back. "Now, return my body to me!"

"That will never happen." Anti Spiral Nia said. "I am the true persona, and I will follow my edict!"

"Then you leave me no choice but to defeat you!" Nia said. "I'll do what I must to stop you from harming Simon and everyone else!" Upon making that declaration, Nia started moving forward. Her Anti Spiral counterpart realized she would have to act quickly.

'This will be difficult. We are the same being, and within the confines of this mental realm, we likely possess equal power.' She could not afford to employ the Anti Spirals usual methods of giving a sliver of hope, only to snatch it away. Her current work was too important. 'I must weaken her enough to take back control of this body, and quickly! Any delay would give the enemy a chance to strike!' Still she was left with the question of how to do so.

Then, she gave a smile. Her Spiral self caught it, and it frightened her, but she did not stop her approached. She couldn't afford to back down now.

"The Spiral race..." Anti Spiral Nia said, her smile still apparent. "Always moving forward, even when the way is barred. But..." As she spoke, a portal opened up just in front of her, and Spiral Nia, under to stop her forward momentum in time fell right into it. "...this will also be your undoing."

That portal led to a mental world where her other self would be trapped, living through numerous alternate scenarios and lives. All to keep her busy while Anti Spiral Nia finished her mission.

"You were a fool to challenge meEEEEACK!..." And then she tripped. Something had grabbed her foot.

"What?" She looked behind her and immediately wished he hadn't. Her spiral self was holding on to her foot, and slowly pulling her into the portal as well.

"You have no choice! You must pull me up, or be pulled in yourself!" Nia yelled. She hoped her doppelgänger had enough regard for her own existence to do so.

"..." This woman...she would not give up. She would not be cowed and disappear like she should. "...never..." If that was the case, then she would do things the hard way. This was all in her head anyway. No matter how long it took, in the real world, not so much as a second had passed.

"NEVER!" And to Spiral Nia's shocked, her Anti Spiral self, rather than trying to pull herself away from the portal, instead lunged at her, sending them both tumbling into the abyss.

"If I must personally destroy you, then I will do just that! The Spiral Race shall not win!"

"No! No matter what you do, I will not falter!"

And with those words, a declaration of war was made between two different versions of the same person, as they fell into the unknown world of their own mind.

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
May 28, 2017   00:35