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The enemy is (cam)my!

Episode #5470

"YAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" Both women leaped forward, and the strangest battle ever began in earnest.

Delta Red lashed out with a high kick with her right leg, but Killer Bee blocked it with her left forearm. At that same moment Killer Bee brought up her right knee for a strike to the gut, only for Delta Red to catch it with her left palm.

They broke off for a few seconds, then both thrusted their elbows forward, Killer Bee with her Left Arm, and Delta Red with her right, the two moves meeting and cancelling each other out perfectly. Delta Red immediately followed up with a straight right, which nearly caved in Killer Bee's face, but the latter just barely moved her head to the side, and threw a left uppercut in retaliation. Now it was Delta Red's turn to escape being struck by the skin of her teeth, pulling her head back at the very last second.

That last exchange forced both women to pull any for some breathing room. As they stood there, gulping in air, it took them a few moments to notice something was different. Both Cammys realized they were no longer wearing their respective hats (the Red Beret and the Blue Garrison Cap), their forced evasions causing the head gear to fly right off...or maybe their punches knocked them off. Either way, Cammy was hatless.

"Spiral Arrow!" Both charged forward with trademark twisting kick attack, and met in mid strike, kicks perfectly cancelling each other out as the soles of their feet collided, and causing both to fall to the ground on their backs. Cammy immediately did a kip up, springing back to her feet, and meeting Cammy who'd done the same.

"Spin Knuckle!" This time it was a spinning back fist, but their fists found each other instead of the other's face like both had wanted...however...

"Got you!" Delta Red was a little faster on the draw this time, managing to slip behind her Shadaloo counterpart, and wrap her arms around the other woman's waist. "Time to take a ride!" Delta Red threw herself and Killer Bee back, intending to plant the other woman into the ground with a supplex.

"Not today!" As they flew back, Killer Bee threw her own weight, increasing her momentum beyond that of Delta Red's throw, slipping out of the latter's arms before she could complete the Supplex motion and flipping onto her feet. Delta Red quickly turned got back to her feet and turned around...


...only to get Killer Bee's crotch in her face and her legs wrapped around her head as the latter attacked her with a Frankensteiner, flipping her self over and using the momentum to send Delta Red head first towards the ground...or at least that was her intention.

"Oh no you don't!" But Killer Bee wasn't the only one who could counter such moves: She threw all her weight into flipping herself out of her Assassin counterpart's attack, and was able to roll with the Franksteiner, landing on her feet and tumbling forward into a roll. Then she jumped up in the air.

"Canon Strike!" Delta Red came down towards her sister's head with a lunging side kick.

"Canon Spike!" Killer Bee, having gotten back to her feet, launched her own attack, jumping up to meet her twin with a Rising Side Kick/flip kick manoeuvre.

Both women realized there was no way to avoid the other's attack, but they would prove each other wrong. Their kicks met in mid air, cancelling each other out perfectly. Then they landed on their feet, both trying to catch their breath.

"Huff...puff...A-are we fighting or dancing here?" Killer Bee asked, almost in disbelief at how stalemated they were.

"You...you tell me lady!" Delta Red responded, equally stumped at how to best this woman. Just landing a hit would be difficult it seemed.

Neither could tell if the other was purposely mimicking her, predicting her movements, or if they were just so instinctively in synch that they were able to counter each other with out thinking about it. Either way, this was going to be a long fight.

"Hah!" Cammy charged forward again, and Cammy charged to meet her head on.

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Jun 09, 2018   19:20