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In honor of Mothers day

Episode #5478
Bobby was 20 and loved his Mother Sandy who was currently 46 and despite her growing age number, looked to be in her mid to late 30s. She was the definition of a Milf with a rocking body all around and an angelic face. She had light brown hair with dark highlights and blue eyes. Bobby loved his mom and wanted to really get her an outstanding gift. Bobby being an architect had acquired many relics and unique items. In his recent travels he had found a rare sapphire gem that laid upon a double headed snake that seemed to be forming into two bodies. Knowing his mother was a fan of his work and loved serpents, he wanted to give the to his mother. Of course he never touched the gem in the item so.that way he would get finger prints on it. He entered his mom's house, had lunch then proceeded to give her the gift. Sandy said "I love it thank you so much" and placed a kiss on his forehead. Bobby grabbed the dishes and washed them, his mother went upstairs and looked at the item no bigger than her hand. She screamed to Bobby "I'm going to take a nap it's been a tiring day" Bobby replied "Okay well at 7 were going to go see a movie I have 2 tickets already" Sandy smiled and walked to bed. She placed the relic on her nightstand and closed her eyes. She didn't notice but the relic began to light up and seemed to flash around Sandys body. In a matter of seconds the light expanded and now 2 Sandys layed sound asleep. Bobby walled in at 6 to see two of his mother's sleeping and was shocked. Upon his entrance both women had awoken and smiled at him. Seeing the puzzled look they both spoke "Whats wrong honey" and then looked right at their identical copy. "Who are you " one spoke "I'm Sandy who the he'll are YOU" "I'm Sandy" the other answered. Both looked at Bobby and asked "Who is this lady" Bobby answered "I don't know mom" Both women were about to reply when they saw the other doing the same and they stopped and starred daggers at eachother. One Sandy said "He said Mom that means me" the other Sandy offended said " I'm his mother not you" . The tension building up both got on their knees and met in the center of the bed mashing their breast together and touching the tips of their noses. "I domt know where you came from or why you think your me but you crossed the line if you think.your taking my son" Bobby astonished said the words that initiated the battle of the century he said "Mom" both women looked and said "Yes Honey" hearing this they both grabbed the other and wrestled.off the bed both chanting "I'm Sandy" and "He's MY son" along with "Get out.of my house" Bobby watched as his mother's scrambled on the floor fighting for the title of Sandy and his mother in a tangled hot sweaty mess. Both women looked determined to best the other and as if nothing could stop their brawl. Clothes began flying off and before he knew it both Sandys rolled in a almost Naked catball aside from their matching blue thongs. Their was difference between the two women claiming to be his mother and it pained him to see both moms hurting eachother. He needed to think of a way to stop the fight quickly. He shouted "Please stop fighting.....for me" both Sandys heard this and immediately stopped and regained them selves and got to their feet. Still deadlocks on the other. For minutes they stood their in silence until Bobby broke the tension "So we have the Movie at 7" these words words stirred fire in both Sandys "Yea WE are going to have so.much fun" one spoke. The other came in and said "I can't wait until WE.leave" Bobby not thinking blurted I only have two tickets and both Sandys said "Yea for you and me" with this both Sandys stepped foward and said "Bobby tell this imposter I'm going" both now inches apart and squeezing their breast together looked and at Bobby and pointed a thumb at themselves and said "I'm going not her" finishing with their pointer fingers touching. Bobby looked afraid dazzled and confused. His other knew he hated to see her in pain so they both had the same idea and spoke in a saddened voice still pressed.up together "You wouldn't leave your mother alone on Mothers day would you"

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Rated: X     Author: 22double
May 15, 2017   04:22