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Shadaloo's Villainous mirror plot

Episode #5533
Bison was pleased. Today would be a very good Tuesday.

His witless minions had made an incredble discovery: A mirror.

At first it didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary, except that he could feel a strange power from it, like nothing he'd ever felt before. It did not seem to be of this world.

Bringing it back to one of his many hidden lairs, Bison had his lab techs study it, and the results were interesting indeed:

"It looks like any mirror you could discover in a Garage sale, but our computers cannot identify the materials at all; they simply aren't from Earth.

That was all they'd been able to learn so far, as all other attempts to analyze it had failed. So they had a strange mirror of alien Origin, that they couldn't learn anything else about.

Outside of the fact that the reflection wasn't reversed that is. Quite a few of the lab techs had observed that things they held in front of it(like books) showed exactly was it looked like instead of backwards words. Beyond that, nothing.

"Curses!! We have all this technology, and we can't even learn anything about a single mirror!!! Raaaarrrgh!!!" Consumed with rage, he threw a Psycho Cannon at the mirror.

To his surprise, the attack crashed against the surface, crackling all over it, but over wise having no effect. It was strange though; the way it happened resembled the way two energy attacks(like his cannon and Ryu's Hadouken) would cancel each other out when they collided. He was far too angry to realize this though.

"JULI!!! DESTROY THAT DAMNED THING!!" He called out to his doll, the brainwashed member of T. Hawk's tribe, and she obliged, immediately performing a sniping arrow( a flying kick) to smash the mirror to pieces. Why she thought something like that would work when an energy ball had no effect was a mystery, but still.

However, Bison's psycho power, like so many other things, ended up having a negative effect on the Mirror's abilities. When Juli's foot reached the mirror, it passed through, something no one was aware could happen(the scientists had ironically never laid a finger on it, having been ordered by Bison not to damage it in anyway). It looked for a moment like she might go right through, but then, another foot, came through the Mirror and kicked her in the face.

"GUGH!!" Juli took the kick head on, having no way to avoid it; her forward momentum came to a halt, and she fell to the ground.

Bison, Leader of Shadaloo, Master of Psycho Power, and future ruler of the world...blinked. "What?"

The examinations began again, and now the scientists were slightly more aware of the nature of the mirror, or at least, how their master's actions had altered it. Some of his Psycho Power had imbued itself in the artifact, and whereas before, it was impossible for a twin to come through if they tried to leave through the centre, now it was more than possible.

Testing it, he told Juni to reached through and grab her 'reflection'. When she tried, only Juni was surprised when another pair of arms identical to her own also reached through and tried to pull her in as well. They were surprised however, when she briefly managed to pull her twin onto her side, resulting in half a Juni sticking out of the mirror. Then, their Juni got pulled through, leading to only her ass sticking out, while the rest of her body seemed to disappear through the portal.

"This is delicious!!! Bison watched as the two Juni's grappled with each other. The best part, was how he could feel his Psycho power in both of them. He commanded them to fight until one was defeated, or he told them otherwise, and they obliged, still trying to pull each other to her side. Eventually, one succeeded, and the other was pulled in/pulled out. The two women wasted no time in engaging in a vicious battle, trying to obey their master's orders.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!!! A mirror that perfectly copies any who appear in front of it!! Excellent!" This device could be useful.

After spending more time studying it, they were finally able to synthesize the materials that created it, and with Bison's Psycho power and the Psycho Drive, they were able to replicate it's functions, while also linking it to him. Soon many more mirrors were created, all with the ability to copy whoever was reflected in it.

Bison had watched the fight between the two Juni's; they had battled each other to a stand still, with neither able to take an edge. Only his order to stop had halted their attempt to kill each other. Not long after, one faded away. More tests revealed that the copy remained until it completed it's task, as noted when two more of the Dolls were doubled, and their copies hung around for days until they completed the orders he had given them(scrubbing the runway for his Private Jet with Toothbrushes).

There were numerous applications for this new technology, but Bison had one particular thing in mind:

He had many enemies; enemies that were risky to face off against even if he was more powerful than them, such as his former Doll Cammy White, and the Interpol Agent Chun-li. He'd tried to assassinate them multiple times, but none had been able to eliminate them.

Now however, he had the perfect tools for the job. A perfect assassin that would not rest until the target was dead, and self disposing as well, since they would disappear afterwards. His enemies would no longer have to deal with him, but themselves as well: a literal mirror match. The best part was that he'd been able to use his Psycho Power to implant suggestions in both the clones, and the originals, having discovered that even the strongest mind was vulnerable during the doubling process. He planted a single thought in their minds: This double is trying to conquer you. Conquer her first, by any means necessary. More tests with the dolls(and a few of the female Shadaloo techs for the hell of it) had revealed that the term conquer could mean many things to many different women.

If the clone won, it would disappear afterwards, if the original won, they would likely be too weak to fight further control from him. A draw was the most likely scenario however, which would mean the death of the original, and the clone being gone anyway. Afterwards, the Mirrors were sealed off with his Psycho power again so no others could stumble across their powers, and if necessary, picked up by his minions at a later date in time, with no way to trace it back to him.

It was perfect...and entertaining.

"Are we ready to begin Operation Fearful Symmetry?" He inquired of one of his servants.

"Yes sir! The mirrors have been sent out to the targets you specified. They will receive them soon!"

"YES!!! YES!!!!" All went according to plan. The first mirror would go to....

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Jan 30, 2013   23:12