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Ooh my.

Episode #5993
"I know, but don't tell me you don't want to."

"I do but. Isn't this incest?"

"No Amy, it's Selfcest"

And with that, the two Amys drew closer and met with a soft, gentle kiss. Amy wrapped her arms around her other self, and felt her do the same. The erotic feeling of her boobs pressed up and rubbing gently against another identical pair caused both girls to moan while kissing. Both Amy's then slowly slid their tongues into the other girl's mouth, and explored it thoroughly. Amy had never had such a passionate kiss before.

 Suddenly the door to the shower room flew open and an angry voice was heard shouting. "Hey the pool's closed! Turn off the showers and get out! You got ten minutes!"

The two Amys parted their kiss, and complied with the voice. They noticed while getting their stuff, that even her belongings were duplicated, as the same locker Amy put her stuff in, now had two identical bags. Both Amys put on their clothes and headed...

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Rated: R     Author: Astorm
Mar 24, 2014   06:11