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Doubling the Divine Dragon

Episode #6033
Ylisse was at peace once more.  Grima had been sealed away once more by the efforts of Chrom and Robin, and the Shepherds were free to pursue their daily lives once again.  Among those who joined the cause was Tiki, the Divine Voice, spokeswoman for the goddess Naga.  No longer needed to help defeat Grima, Tiki once again took up her repose in the Mila Tree, eager to resume her relaxed, nap-filled lifestyle.  However, upon settling back into her old home, Tiki received a short but mysterious message from Naga.

"Tiki," Naga said, "thou hast done well in quelling Grima and serving as my envoy.  I grant thee a great gift, and wish for you to enjoy it to the fullest.  Perhaps, you may also find it useful in spreading my message.  Perhaps others too may share in my gift to you.  Always tread by my light..."

Realizing that Naga said nothing about what the gift was exactly, Tiki started, "Wait, what is thi-" but the connection was cut off.  Left pondering to herself what exactly this "gift" was supposed to be, Tiki began to walk toward her bed before she was distracted by a strange gleam from her dragonstone, which was sitting on the pedestal where she kept it when not in use.

Walking closer to the divine stone, she noticed that instead of its regular soft blue color, the stone had a soft yellow hue with marvelous lights dancing inside the crystal.  Wondering if this was Naga's gift to her, Tiki gently took the stone into her hands, and decided to try using it.

A blinding light filled her room.  Where Tiki once stood, there now was a large dragon that looked like her usual dragon form, but almost half again as big as normal... and had two heads instead of one, each at the end of a long neck.  Immediately, Tiki groaned from the minor disorientation of looking out of two vantage points at once.  Craning her necks, she clearly saw her new dragon form.  Even having been around for 3,000 years, Tiki had never heard of a manakete suddenly attaining the form of a hydra, surprising her more than anything else she had seen in her long life.

Despite her desire to test out her new abilities, Tiki didn't want to make a mess of her room, so she decided to revert to her human form.  If she was surprised before, now she was stunned now.  Upon finishing her transformation, Tiki no longer stood in one place, but in two.  Barely three feet apart, two identical, green-haired manaketes with kind, beautiful faces and curvaceous forms to die for were standing face to face.  Once Tiki recovered from her trance, she raised up her right hand to try touching the other's face.  When the other Tiki did the same, she realized she was controlling both bodies, looking out of both pairs of eyes.  Slowly, everything Naga said began to make sense to her.  Exercising her will to try using only one body to make a motion, she slowly turned one head to look down at her other hand(s), which still held the dragonstone, er, stones.  They still had the same yellow glow and intensity of light as before.

Staring into her own eyes twice over, feeling a spring of emotions she couldn't explain, Tiki...

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Rated: G     Author: TheCloneOrgy
Jan 07, 2019   00:32