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This time, it's Ninja vs Pirate!!!!

Episode #6166
As she moved further into the castle, she got the feeling that something was nearby....or someone.......

As she rounded the corner, she saw it: A knife coming straight at her head. Even with her speed, she was barely able to avoid it, and when the second slash came, she was lucky enough to parry pull out her own Sheikah knife in time to parry.

At this point, Sheik got a good look at her assailant: A girl (or woman) around the same age as her, with tanned skin, and blonde hair done up in a straight curled up ponytail; she had blue eyes, and wore a red scarf around her neck, a blue vest over a purple shirt, and white pants.

"Whoa! Who the hell are you?!" The girl asked, breaking off the blade lock and getting some distance from Sheik.

"I was wondering the same thing about you actually!" Sheik replied. "Why did you attack me?"

"I figured you were a monster." The girl eyed Sheik warily, Knife still at the ready. Sheik didn't lower her weapon either. "Who are you exactly lady?"

Sheik blinked. "Lady...." Sheik was surprised to realized her new acquaintance saw through her disguise, or at least noticed she was really a woman.

"Yeah. Lady. You might fool others pretty easily, but the Pirate Captain Tetra is wiser than than!" The woman now identifying herself as Tetra pointed her Knife at Sheik. "You'll be telling me your name, and your business here, cause if you're going through the trouble of disguising your gender, then that makes you awfully suspicious in my book."

"I will tell you my name at the least." Sheik also pointed her knife at Tetra. "I am Sheik, last of the Sheikah, and I sincerely doubt any cutthroat pirate is wiser than me!" She started circling around Tetra, who did the same, the two never taking their eyes off each other, and not lowering their knives. "As for my business here, that is not your confer, though I will ask you why you are here instead."

"My business here is my business! You're not getting anymore from me than that!" Tetra countered.

Both women felt something was off: the other one was hiding something. They could feel it. Sheik had always been talented at telling when something was amiss, and Tetra shared that talent.

'She's a suspicious one.' Tetra thought.
'She's pretty suspicious. Sheik thought.

It was obvious the girl in front of her knew more than she was letting on.

"You don't fool me!" Tetra said. "You know more than you're letting one. I can tell just from looking at you!"
"Well, you haven't exactly been forthcoming either!" Sheik countered. "I'm also skilled at discerning deception."

They weren't getting anywhere asking questions. It was obvious that neither would talk to the other when they were both hostile.

"Guess I got no choice...." Tetra began, taking a step forward.
"It would seem I have no choice......" Sheik also spoke, and also moved forward.

"......But to force you to talk!" They both sprinted towards each other, closing the distance between them and clashing blades again. At that same moment, each woman thrusted a free hand forward, intending to knock the other out with a palm strike to the neck.

Their palms struck each other head on, with a light slap, and both instant intertwined fingers in that moment, but then.....


A bright light and a sharp pain emanated from the hands that would clasped together, but on the back of said hands instead of the palms. Both women were blinded by it.

"What is this?" Sheik was surprised when she managed to make out the Triforce symbol on her hand. "Why is this woman making my Triforce appear?"

Before she was completely blinded, Sheik could have swore she heard an echo.

Soon, the light rescinded, and she could see again.....

"What....why am I.......?"

She was no longer Sheik. Catching her appearance in a nearby mirror, she realized she's transformed into Princess Zelda, her true self....but....

"YOU!" She turned to Tetra angrily. "WHAT'S THE MEANING OF......" When she saw the Pirate, she was surprised at what she saw. ".......this?"

"What's.....what's going on?" Tetra was equally confused. "Why do you....? Why do I.....?"

Sheik was now the Princess Zelda: She wore a Pink dress with a gold emblem over her chest, and should pads attached to the emblem. Over her skirt was a banner attached to her belt, and her arms were covered in long Opera gloves. Her head sports a diadem with a large red jewel in the centre, and Triforce shaped earrings hung from her ears. Her blue eyes stared in confusion at Tetra.

Tetra looked different as well, because she looked.....well, she looked exactly like Zelda. The dress was the same, as well the banner, the golden emblem, the opera gloves and the jewel encrusted diadem. However, she lacked the should guards, and earrings, instead leaving her shoulders bare and wearing a red jewelled necklace, and some wing shaped hair clips instead. Her blue eyes stared in confusion at Sheik.

They stood there, hands still clasped, and knives still locked, unable to grasp what they were seeing.

"You....why.....do you look like me?"

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Jul 18, 2014   17:11