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Princess duels Princess

Episode #6173
They stood there, hands still clasped, and knives still locked, unable to grasp what they were seeing.

"You....why.....do you look like me?" Neither Zelda could grasp what was happening. This woman had transformed into a near perfect double of her, and had caused her own disguise to collapse as well...but how.

"Is that...? They finally noticed the Triforce symbol on the other's hand. "Is that the Triforce of Wisdom!?" Now things got even more confusing. How could this woman have the Triforce of Wisdom when Zelda herself possessed it. There was--as far as she knew--only one after all.

"Who are you? Why do you have that?" They both yelled. "I'm the one asking the questions here imposter!" Now they got angrier. "Who are you calling an imposter faker?!"

Zelda realized she wasn't getting anywhere arguing with this woman. Whoever she was, whether it was a Pirate, a Ninja, or a dead ringer for Zelda, she had no intentions of giving any answers. That was the moment they realized nothing had really changed: the course of action they'd already decided on before hand was still their best course.

"Defend yourself!" Finally unclasping their hands, Zelda and Zelda leapt back, uncrossing their blades, before rushing forward again to meet each other in battle. If this woman wouldn't explain herself, Zelda would just defeat her and make her talk.

Their knives met in a flash of steel and a clang of metal on metal; that same sound rang out multiple times, echoing throughout the castle over and over again as the two princesses danced, the clicking of their heels and their grunts of exertion joining the noise of their battle soon afterwards.

Zelda swung with her knife from the left, only for her weapon to meet that of Zelda's, who attacked from the right. When they both tried to stab the other, their blades ended up deflecting the other's attack, allowing them to dodge.

"Nimble, aren't you?"
"Same to you!"

'She moves quite well for someone fighting in heels and a dress.' Both thought, unable to deny the other had some skill. It was clear the other woman had some training. They continued their duel, but both of them were more cautious, fighting defensively and waiting for openings, so while the battle dragged on for a while, neither scored any significant blows.

"Grr...." Both women couldn't help but get a bit frustrated; the battle was clearly going nowhere, and while they knew that getting impatient would leave them vulnerable, neither could help but get annoyed. In front of her was a fake who stole her appearance, her name, and even the Triforce, and yet she couldn't defeat her. "Curse you!"

Zelda and Zelda both jumped in the air, trying to strike from an unexpected angle, only to gasp in surprise when they realized the other had done the same thing. Both desperately lashed out with their knives, and their was a flash and a metal clang. They both landed a few feet away, seemingly unharmed.

'That was close! I can't be that careless again!' Both women thought. Zelda  breathed a sigh of relief, that is, until she noticed a slight drafted and looked down at her chest; her top now had a slash mark across it, though only that. The attack hadn't reached the skin. Still, the realization that her opponent had managed to score some kind of first blood irked her.

".....why....you.....!" It irked Zelda a lot. Despite chastising herself over getting careless, both women turned around and rushed at the other, swinging their knives at the other's head from different sides.

"EEEP!" Realizing that she was about to get her head perforated by the other's blade. Zelda and Zelda both reached out with their free hands and caught the other's wrist just before her foes knife could reach her head. As this happened, their bodies slammed together, breasts smashing into breasts and flattening them like pancakes, nipples striking each other head on and drilling into the other, and stomachs slapping against each other. Both women gasped at the rather intimate meeting of their bodies, but they couldn't focus on that as they quickly took note of the other's knife mere inches from her head.

"Grrr....nnnngh....!" They grappled with each other, each alternating between trying to avoid being stabbed while attempting to strike the other with her knife, locking them in a stalemate as they stumbled about, neither able to overpower the other.

Face to face, they gazed into the eyes of the other woman and saw nothing but the same determination that Zelda herself felt. This only made them more determined to triumph over the other.

"I won't lose to you!" Both women yelled as they continued their awkward dance. The duel of the Princesses was in full swing, and it was anyone's guess who the winner would be.

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Rated: PG     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Jan 25, 2018   05:46