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Champion Captures Champion

Episode #6194

The two princesses writhed in one another's grip, each trying to mount some kind of counter offensive, to gather the energy to fight back, but all attempts were foiled near instantly, as the tight kiss they were locked in took away any power either of them had.

With their magic being drained, all their physical strength ebbed away as well, as their attempts to overpower the other were also crushed by the other's equal strength. The more they fought, the weaker they became.

"...nnnghh....mmmmghhhnnn..." The kiss dragged on, with more and more power being taken from Zelda by Zelda...


...and any that was lost went to that cursed Poe, who floated off to the side watching the two women slowly break each other.

"Take her mind, her body, her power! Do not stop! Take it all!" The Poe egged them on, continuing to use it's influence on both women to make them do it's dirty work. At this point, Zelda and Zelda had no hope of resisting it's subtle control, and had weakened each other to the point where it barely had to try anymore.

'...mind...body...power...' Zelda and Zelda heard the mantra repeat in their heads, mixing in with their own desperate but ultimately futile attempts to escape the others grip. At this point, they barely remembered the Poe, only perceiving the threat that had attached itself to their lips. If she could overcome this foes mind, restrain her body, and take her power, she'd be free. That is what their shattered psyches told them. Unfortunately, not only did this only dig them deeper into the hole they were in, it made it easier for the Poe to drain more of their power.

".....ummmm....mmmmnnnn...." The kiss had gone on for minute now, and yet, despite how long they'd been at it, neither Zelda was out of power. Despite this, they could no longer fight each other, even if they still thought they had to. Their bodies held each other limply, with neither of them putting in any strength (as they no longer had any to give), while the chains that should have faded due to so much energy being sucked from them still bound them tightly. Their heads were limp, and would have fell back in not for their lips, still firmly and tightly mashed together, as though a force beyond them kept them stuck together.

"Zelda is yours! ZELDA BELONGS TO YOU!" The voice of the Poe echoed out loud, as he continued to enjoy the spectacle. These two seemed to possess limitless power, and they'd be a perfect battery for him. He'd hit the jackpot.

"...mmmmnnn...nnnngh..." They could not respond; between the unending lip-lock, the mental attacks, and the lack of power, there was no way they could. But they heard him.

'Zelda....y-you are mine...' That was the thought that ran through both their heads, but there was something more...something both better and worse for them

'...Y-yes...Zelda...I am yours...

And with that, the last bit of resistance either woman had in they faded away as they completely surrendered to each other. Zelda had been captured before, but this time, she hadn't just been defeated. This time, she'd surrendered as well. They had done exactly as the Poe told them: they'd taken each other completely.

There truly was no escape. Zelda had been captured by an enemy that she could never escape from.

'...I...belong to Zelda...'

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Rated: PG     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Jan 22, 2018   19:38