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Blue vs Vermillion

Episode #6583

Her head was pounding. What had happened?

"W-where am I?" The young woman pulled herself to her feet, trying to get herself together. She spotted a mirror to her left and walked over to it to check herself over for any injuries.

When she stared into the mirror she saw a youthful face looking back at her; green eyes, and long blonde hair with two hair pieces on either side.

She was clad in a sleeveless collared cloth that covered her shoulders with a red tie around her neck, and a short skirt; black thigh high stockings, and blue boots. Long straps extended from the shoulder cloth, and there were two gun holsters strapped to her back, from which two very large pistols (the size of shotguns) protruded.

Her name was Noel Vermillion, and she was starting to remember a bit of what was going on.

"The last thing I remember, I was talking to...someone...." Her head was pounding. Wherever she was, and however she got her, it must have done a real number on her. Beyond that, she was uninjured.

"Well, I won't figure things out by staying in the shadows" If she wanted to figure out what was happening to her, she'd have to start gathering some information. She walked past the mirror and out into the street. She knew this place.

"This is Orient Town." She was in Kagutsuchi. "How did I end up here?" Right as she finished that thought, she had a sudden...the best word to describe it was a feeling, and it told her something was coming.

"What...is that?" She turned around, seeing nothing in particular...at first. Then she saw it...a person in hooded cloak. He or she was too far away for Noel to make out the person's face, but she could tell that person was watching her, staring right at her.

'Run! Run now! While you can!' That's what Noel's instincts told her, and they were so overwhelming that she felt like she had no choice but to obey. She took off like a shot down the street in the opposite direction of where her observer was.

It took only 3 minutes of running to realize something: she was being followed. And she had a very good idea by who as well. A quick glance behind her told her confirmed her suspicions: the person in the cloak was hot on her tail, managing to keep pace, though only that.

"I don't know what you want, but there's no way you're catching me!" She picked up the pace as best she could, pumping her legs as hard as possible as she tried to lose her pursuer.

Despite her best efforts, the feeling of being followed, of being watched did not leave. She didn't even need to look behind her to know that she was still be chased. 'I can't lose him! What do I do?'

Why was she even running? She wasn't sure, only that powerful instincts told her she had to, no matter what. It was hopeless however; all her efforts to get away failed. While she managed to stay ahead of the one chasing her, she never pulled away enough to lose him. They ran through the entirety of Orient Town, and beyond, but the pursued never got away from or was caught by the pursuer.

"Ha...huff...." Noel lost track of how long she'd been running. She just knew she was out of breath. Looking up, she saw the person in the cloak was still with her, but was also out of breath.

Now that she'd stopped long enough to look, she realized the cloak looked familiar...very familiar.


"I've... finally caught you Noel Vermillion! You....won't...huff!...get away from me...!"

"Who...are you...? What do you want... from me...?" Noel got a strange feeling, and it only got stronger. The voice of the girl (yes, it was a female) was unmistakably familiar as well. But that was impossible.

"You want to know who I am?" The girl lowered her hood, and Noel's eyes widened as she caught sight of a familiar Balmoral cap, and some blonde hair contained beneath it...along with those eyes, and the face.

"My Name is Noel Vermillion! And I'm here to capture you!"

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Mar 07, 2017   01:47