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Episode #660
"Hello! Anybody here!" Marle had been walking for a few minutes (at least that's how long she thought it had been), and she had so far seen nothing. This including Ayla, Lucca (who just up and vanished despite Marle being right behind her when they walked through the door) and anything else. There was only darkness.

"This is kind of creepy!" The Princess thought aloud to herself. Oh sure, she had seen much worse, but it didn't reduce the creepiness factor. If anything, the darkness, combined with the absolute silence beyond her own voice was far more unnerving than any monsters, robots, or reptites she had faced.

"THIS STINKS! SPEKKIO! SPEKKIO!!! JUST WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO.........is that a door?" It had seemingly appeared out of nowhere, cutting off her rant before it could begin. Being the first thing Marle had been able to see since she had started, she saw only one option.

"Well, here goes nothing." There was a loud creak as she opened the door (a new sound besides her own voice. That was a start), and then rather than being blinded by darkness, she was blinded by light.

Laughter. She heard laughter. And music. Marle vision returned to her, and she took a look at her surroundings. She saw numerous tents and balloons, there was a race going on in front of her.

"Is this the millenial fair?" It sure looked like it. And judging from how most of the events going on seemed to be just starting, it looked like it had just begun. "Why am I back here?" Spekkio's little game was........ was...........

"I guess..... I'll just have some fun? No reason not too." Her head felt strange. She was supposed to be doing something, but she couldn't remember what. she was reverting back to what she had been like before the adventure began. At least some what.

As she rushed up the stairs to partake in some cotton candy, she had vague memories of something that happened in this spot. "I met someone here, didn't I? Who was it though?" Lost in thought, Marle didn't notice another person approaching from the other direction, also not paying attention.



Just like in her vague memories, Marle had run into someone. Unlike her memories however, the person was not the young swordsman Chrono, but a another young woman like herself. Exactly like her actually. Marle had plowed head long into a girl who could easily be called her twin.

And what a collision. Going full tilt, both girls feet actually left the ground, their heads solidly connected. It looked awkward. Both Marle's fell to the ground, dazed and tangled up in each other. Oddly enough, no one seemed to think it was strange, or even bat an eyebrow at the incident.

"Must be some clowns." One man mumbled. "No one's that clumsy. Or unlucky." Everyone continued to walk past the two semi unconscious princesses to enjoy the fair.

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Sep 25, 2009   21:23