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Oh Peachy! The More The Merrier

Episode #6646
Not long after enveloping in a steamy fourway kiss, the Peaches were once again caught in a bright white light. There were now eight princesses of the Mushroom Kingdom sprawled across the bedroom. They began to realize what was going on.

"Oh my," two Peaches said, "now there's even more of us!"

"You know what that means, right?" Another two asked.

"The more we make love, the more of us there are!' chimed in another two.

"This must be another part of that spell." Replied the remaining two.

Each Peach paused for a moment in a lusty wonder of her seven other identical counterparts. They looked around from Peach to Peach with a seductive and scheming look in their eyes.

"Ladies, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" they all asked in unison. They then began breaking out in giggles. "Oh this idea is going to be Peachy!"

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Rated: X     Author: MoreForMe <TheClownofyesterday @ gmail · com>
Dec 13, 2017   15:36