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Battle of the Tit Queens III

Episode #6745
"Awright, bissshhh..." both Matsumotos slurred as they glared at each other, "Ifn yew think yer tits cn beat mahn, lessee 'em!"

Both Matsumotos hastily stripped themselves and stood defiantly before each other in all their glory. Glaring predatorially at each other, the two made their way to the bed and kneeled on it, facing each other. Both folded back their shoulders and arched their backs, displaying their massive breasts to each other.

"Pfft! Mah boobs're gonna beat yer boobs flat!" both ladies declared, and thrust out their chests simultaneously, their gigantic breasts colliding with a hard SMACK! Both became incensed at the other's insolent display of defiance.

Both decided to amend their previous statement. "Grr! Mah boobs're gonna pound yer boobs inwards!" they shouted in unison, and thrust their chests forward with even greater force, their breasts slamming together even harder. It was on now!

Both Matsumotos grunted as they continued smacking their breasts together again and again, each strike delivered in perfect sync, colliding with equal force. The room itself actually vibrated a little from the repeated impact of two equally massive pairs of breasts.

Eventually, both Matsumotos suddenly twisted their upper bodies to the right, then turned sharply to the left, swinging their chests at each other. Their left breasts smacked together from the side, followed quickly by their right breasts as their chests slid past one another. After turning all the way to the left, they sharply turned back to the right, their right breasts smacking together from the side as their chests slid past each other. They kept going back and forth like this for a while, their breasts swinging around and smacking together again and again. Eventually, they went back to bashing breasts straight on.

"AH WUNT LOOSSE TAH YEW!" both Matsumotos shouted in unison as their breasts struck each other. And on and on it went...

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Rated: R     Author: deux_bag
Sep 19, 2017   04:47